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Elden Ring – Where to Find the Briar Set


The Briar Armor set is one of those amazing sets of armor that provides you with high damage negation as well as enhanced resistance in Elden Ring. In particular, this armor set is renowned for providing you with excellent defensive capabilities and belongs to the medium-weight class. It’s not any easier to fight this hostile opponent in the small area that players must occupy. This article will describe where the Briar Set is located in Elden Ring:

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Where to Find the Briar Set

The Finger Reader Enia, situated in Roundtable Hold, is the source of the Briar Armor set. However, you must first defeat “Elemer of the Briar,” a boss in the Shaded Castle, to be able to buy this armor from Enia. Thus, you can begin by taking the Grand Lift of Dectus to the Altus Plateau. From there, you must head straight north to the Shaded Castle in Elden Ring.

From there, you have to make your way through the shadowed castle and stay clear of the enemies—especially the mutant dogs, who can be quite annoying to deal with and will attack you frequently. Thus, remove them and proceed until you arrive at the Castellan’s Hall site of grace. Proceeding northward from that location, you will come across the Shaded Castle Inner Gate, another vanished majesty. You can rest here and regain your health by ascending the ladder on your left.

Elden Ring - Where to Find the Briar Set

After that, you can move past the enemies and toward the exit by going through the hallway. The room on your left can then be entered, and after climbing the stairs on your right, you can enter the room with the elevator that will take you upstairs. After you get out of it, there’s a magic door at the end, and after you get through the mist, you’ll be fighting Elemer in Elden Ring. Elemer is a foe that will attack you without mercy, so deal with him slowly.

After killing him with a few well-placed blows, you’ll obtain a greatsword known as the “Marais Execution’s Sword.” In addition, the “Briar Greatshield” will be awarded to you in Elden Ring. Consequently, you can also pair them both with the Briar Armor set. You return to the Table of Lost Grace in Elden Ring after completing the mission to vanquish Elemer of Briar. You can head straight to Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

Then, by choosing the option to “Receive equipment of Champions,” you can communicate with her. After that, you can look through the inventory and discover the Briar Armor, which costs 6000 runes in Elden Ring. Regarding the armor-set pieces’ price range, these are as follows:

  • Briar Helm at around (4000 runes)
  • Briar Gauntlets is priced at (4000 runes)
  • Briar Greaves  accounts for (4000 runes)

Fighting Elemer of the Briar

The Shaded Castle, which is filled with poison and challenging Valkyrie enemies, must be fully traversed by players before they can start the Elemer of the Briar battle in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - Where to Find the Briar Set

It can be challenging to get to the Elemer arena, so before attempting, players should make sure they are prepared for a few battles. Using the Stake of Marika will save some frustration because it will make a world of difference. It might be required with the appropriate equipment.


What is the Briar Set convergence mod in Elden Ring?

Briar magic spells in Elden Ring, which are usually not very impressive, are improved by the Briar set. However, this kind of magic is given new life in the Convergence Mod, and the Aberrant Heretic is a new starting class that makes use of this Sorcery’s increased power.

What is the best strength weapon in Elden Ring convergence?

Because of the strengths of Lightning damage in this overhaul, the Glaive of the Ancients is an especially potent Convergence Mod weapon. Compared to other damage kinds, some players have discovered that lightning-type damage (and its ilk) is far more effective against a range of enemies.

What is the strongest physical weapon in Elden Ring?

The Greatsword is without a doubt Elden Ring’s greatest Strength weapon and the best choice for Strength users. Furthermore, it is very simple to obtain the Greatsword because it can be taken from a caravan that is stationed in Dragonbarrow. The PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S can all play Elden Ring.

What is the best Dex strength armor in Elden Ring?

Some of the best Elden Ring builds are dexterity setups, and the White Reed Set is the best armor to wear with them overall. The Okina Mask helmet included with the set gives you an additional three points of dexterity, and the chestplate, gauntlets, and greaves all provide excellent protection and weight balance.

Is it good to dual wield katanas in Elden Ring?

Because of its amazing move set and increasing damage with every hit, it is one of the best weapons to dual wield Elden Ring.