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Alan Wake 2: Lighthouse Key Location


You will need a key from the last cult stash in order to access the inside of the Watery lighthouse and loot some goods there. The Alan Wake 2 lighthouse key will allow you to do this. In order to enter the Lighthouse that is located in the Watery section of Alan Wake 2, you are going to require the Lighthouse Key. This article will provide you with information regarding the Lighthouse Key Location in Alan Wake 2:

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What’s in the Lighthouse in Alan Wake 2?

There are a couple of references and a message in the Lighthouse’s two Manuscript Pages. Resources such as ammunition, bandages, flash bangs, propane tanks, and hand flares occur at random. If you’re low on supplies, this is a nice bonus, but after looting the 22 Cult Stashes, it seems like a bit of a letdown.

Alan Wake 2: Lighthouse Key Location

The most intriguing item is the Manuscript Pages, which give people interested in learning more about Ilmo and Jaakko some further background information about the brothers.

How to Get the Lighthouse Key

In order to retrieve the Lighthouse Key in Alan Wake 2, you must locate and open all of the Cult Stashes. Twenty-two hidden locations in the Cauldron Lake, Watery, and Bright Falls regions? What a waste of time! The Cult Stash at the Sheriff’s Station’s Evidence Room will likely be the last one you find if you’ve been searching for them the whole game.

You have sadly encountered a problem if you are positive that you have located and unlocked every Cult Stash and the Lighthouse Key still has not spawned for you. If you can’t get into the Lighthouse, you might be able to get in again by loading a save from before you opened your last stash.

The bright side is that the Lighthouse’s loot isn’t particularly impressive, and that you don’t earn a Trophy or Achievement for using the Lighthouse Key, so you’re not really missing out on much.

Lighthouse Key Location in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2’s last stash always contains the lighthouse key. One of the 22 stashes you open will contain the lighthouse key, regardless of location. Maybe the Sheriff’s Station’s evidence room in Bright Falls has them if you’ve been opening them throughout Saga’s trek.

Alan Wake 2: Lighthouse Key Location

It may be in a stockpile you missed if you’re wrapping up Saga’s plot before starting Alan Wake 2’s new plan aim. Drive to Watery, dash west through town, then climb the south cliff path to the lighthouse after stealing the key. Use the key to open the door and steal. Two manuscript pages, a flashbang, a flare, two propane tanks, rifle and shotgun ammo, and a trauma pad were located.

The Shadow Monster Light Ray 3000, likely invented by Ilmo Koskela, uses the lighthouse’s beam to kill Dark Place shadows. This machine doesn’t work, the blueprints are useless, and the doorway is blocked, so you can’t climb the lighthouse.


Where does Alan Wake 2 take place?

In Alan Wake 2, there are two alternate worlds: Saga’s Bright Falls and the Pacific Northwest, and Alan’s version of New York City, created by the Dark Presence.

Is Alan Wake 2 a horror game?

The top horror games of the year, include “Alan Wake 2,” Alan Wake 2, a new horror game, manages to be both terrifying and funny in equal measure. But it’s only the next acclaimed horror title to arrive in 2023.

Does Alan Wake 2 have Jumpscares?

The many jumpscares in Alan Wake 2 are a major flaw in the game’s otherwise effective horror setting. A few seconds into the game, players will be confronted with a black screen on which the white silhouette of a face will writhe and twist in an unnatural way.

Are there zombies in Alan Wake?

The nature and origin of Alan Wake’s opponents sets them apart from those of other survival horror games. They are essentially possessed individuals rather than zombies, deformed lab experiments, or other similar abominations.

Is Mr scratch in Alan Wake 2?

Scratch, sometimes known as Mr. Scratch, is a recurring villain in the Alan Wake series. He originally debuted at the end of Alan Wake and serves as the primary enemy in both Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Alan Wake 2.