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Alan Wake 2: How to Complete the Ritual


However, the Alan Wake 2 ritual in the subway is not especially obvious, and it is all too easy to get confused around when you cut scenes to clear the collapsing tunnel and go to the murder spot. After a lot of bumbling and getting attacked by furious shadows, I finally made it to the end, and I wasn’t the only one on the squad that had difficulties. In this piece, we’ll break down the Alan Wake 2 ritual and show you how to accomplish it.

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How to Complete the Ritual in the Subway

Alan Wake 2’s ritual to clear the collapsed subway tunnel is a multi-part process, but it’s not until you reach the End of the Line that the next step becomes unclear.

The final step of the Alan Wake 2 ritual is as follows:

1. When editing the scene from The End of the Line, keep the Plot Board’s Murder Cult idea in mind. A wall of red pages should appear at the back.

2. Take a few steps back and look up above the stack of books to spot an Echo, then face the device straight forward to hear Alex Casey.

Alan Wake 2: How to Complete the Ritual

3. You can use the Echo’s newfound insight into the Summoning Ritual to spark some fresh ideas for the Plot Board.

4. After switching the line’s destination to the Summoning Ritual, you’ll need to double back and wade across the track to reach the Collapsed Tunnel, which is seen on the map above.

5. To alter the Plot Board with the Summoning Ritual, visit the Writer’s Room in the Collapsed Tunnel.

6. This will cause you to get hunted by the Dark Presence. You can escape by going back through the door at the end of the open rail car and out the other side.

7. Get back to the once-collapsed Collapsed Tunnel. To get to the murder scene, just go through the doorway.

Alan Wake 2: How to Complete the Ritual

It’s time to leave the subway once you get there and learn the next key story point, but that doesn’t mean you have to; you can still go on an adventure and look for Words of Power and other useful items.

What to do at the End of the Line

To sum up, the Subway level is a bit difficult to navigate due to the lack of light and the winding nature of the tunnels. There are a few major problems that I encountered, such as locations that stayed on the map after I visited them. I, too, had to go in circles and wonder where I was going while I hunted for antiques.

Alan Wake 2: How to Complete the Ritual

However, the End of the Line part, which features its own scene, should be your primary focus. Once you get there, launch the Writer’s Room and set End of the Line to the Murder Cult setting. As a result, an Echo will occur. If you can get near enough to the black ball while moving to the side, you can create a “eclipse” effect. An Alex Casey monologue will trigger, which grants you the Alan Wake 2 Summoning Ritual theme/option.

How to Return to the Collapsed Tunnel

Since the game wasn’t providing any guidance at this point, I was beginning to worry that I had gotten lost. However, I was able to figure it out in the end. For a fast recap, here it is:

  • When exiting the tunnel on the opposite end with End of the Line: Summoning Ritual activated, stay to the right.
  • Follow the stone steps to the right into a series of chambers.
  • You’ll somehow respawn at the first checkpoint on this segment, back in the main tunnel.

The final step is just to return to the Collapsed Tunnel area you visited before. Turn on the music for the Summoning Ritual and get ready for some action! I won’t give anything away, but you should get out of there quickly.


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