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Alan Wake 2 – How to Find the Valhalla Nursing Home


You will eventually need to go via the basement in Alan Wake 2 to get the power back on as you explore the Valhalla Nursing Home. Overlaps are a kind of doorway that connects your examining place to an alternate reality. These overlaps are essential to the game’s narrative. These overlaps will introduce you to a number of characters, solve riddles, and yield some important things. You may locate Valhalla Nursing in Alan Wake 2 by following the instructions in this article:

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How to Find the Valhalla Nursing Home

The locked box and the combination are likely to be found while you look for the fuses that are needed to turn the nursing home’s electricity back on because they are all strewn around the same areas that you will be looking in. As far back as the basement would allow you to descend, the lock box itself is located behind the room that contains the boiler.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find the Valhalla Nursing Home

One characteristic that sets this place apart is the vintage film projector located in the same room, which will play a peculiar scene if you go back in after turning the power back on. If you are having trouble finding the lockbox, keep an eye out for the projector—you might not notice it right away. It is difficult to overlook.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find the Valhalla Nursing Home

As seen above, a sheet of paper affixed to a corkboard bears the code for the lockable box. This lock combination doesn’t come with any mysterious codes or hints. It’s a pleasant change of pace that it’s just written on the paper. All you need to do is go back to the lock box and input the code on the padlock—which is 273. For your efforts, you’ll receive a manuscript page, some bandages, and ammunition.

How to Get into the Valhalla Nursing Home Basement

After watching Tor enter the Overlap, talk to Rose by the pond to get her key fob, which will let you explore previously locked sections. After obtaining the key fob, proceed to the basement to restore the building’s electricity. To be honest, I felt a little foolish at first because I really had some difficulty finding the basement entrance.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find the Valhalla Nursing Home

It took me almost three circles around the building before I finally saw the door. To be fair, the basement entrance is considerably harder to find than you may think because of how dark the area is in the game. The location of the basement door is indicated on the map above, but for a better view, I’ve also included a picture of the door itself that shows Saga shining her flashlight on it.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Find the Valhalla Nursing Home

As you begin your exploration of the basement, be caution because there are numerous Taken hiding around, just waiting to leap out at you. Given how small and cramped the cellar is, they can easily jump-scare you here. Additionally, it is really dark, so always have a flashlight on hand. Before you go down there, make sure you have enough ammunition, flashlight batteries, and medical supplies on hand. If you’re not careful, the Taken can easily outwit you.


How do I get to the Wellness Center in Alan Wake 2?

You will be able to build an Odin Profile in the Mind Place after a few attempts. In doing so, you can pursue a number of inquiry streams that will direct you to the Wellness Center where Tor may be found. Return to the lower level and speak with Rose at the table next to Ahti. She is going to open the Wellness Center door.

How do you get into the security room in Alan Wake 2?

When investigating the Wellness Center in Alan Wake 2, you’ll need to locate the security room in order to open the electronic doors and follow Tor. Inside, there’s a computer that requires a password lock; we’ll explain why below. This room contains all the clues you need.

What is the admin password for Alan Wake 2?

The yellow post-it note that is affixed to the monitor is where players should focus their attention when trying to unlock the computer at the Witchfinder’s Station. Yes, the letter actually has the administrator password scribbled on it. It is 2547.

What is the cabin computer code in Alan Wake 2?

The code appears to be on the absolutely unintelligible sticky note that is affixed to the screen on the steam deck. The year is 2547. All I want to do is gather my Witchfinder PC, Steam Deck, and Alan Wake for any future Google searches.

What should I upgrade first in Alan Wake 2?

Even though it’s not the most visually appealing weapon in Alan Wake 2, your beginning pistol is always dependable and always works. More Bullets is the improvement that you should get initially.

Does Alan Wake 2 have multiple endings?

An expanded alternate ending beyond the one found in the original plot is available in Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus, also known as The Final Draft. It should be noted, though, that this does not imply that the game contains branching paths that allow for various endings to be reached in a single playthrough.