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Persona 3 Portable – How to Fight Secret Boss


Persona 3 Portable elevates the surprisingly tough boss fights found in Atlus games, which don’t mind requiring nearly impossible methods to defeat. Players must defeat the Reaper and ascend the secret dungeon that opens after in order to face this hidden boss. You may learn how to battle Persona 3 Portable’s secret boss by reading this article:

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What are the Rules and Strategy of the Secret Boss?

In order to ensure that the struggle with the velvet room attendant is fair and doesn’t get too simple, the player must establish regulations. If a player disobeys the rules, the attendant will keep healing while giving 9,999 damage every turn, which ought to destroy even a character at maximum level instantly. The unwritten guidelines are as follows: No harm kind or element may be blocked, repelled, nullified, or absorbed.

This applies to personal powers, items, and buffs. You can withstand many forms of harm, but if you possess an item that prevents you from taking damage, you will be in violation of the game’s regulations and the attendant will spam a strong attack that will one-shot the player. The only exception to this are counter abilities, which deflect damage away from you and return it to your opponent.

Persona 3 Portable - How to Fight Secret Boss

Additionally, you are only allowed to utilize the fusion spell Armageddon to eliminate the boss. Additionally, you have to fight alone since if you bring allies, they would spam one-shot moves on you. You’ll need to use a calculator to track their health continuously and keep the amount as accurate as possible if you want to defeat this boss. This boss has 20,000 HP total, and the first time their health drops below 10,000, they will self-heal completely.

After that, if their HP falls below 9,000, they will always cure themselves completely. You must weaken them until they are between 10,000 and 9,000 after their first full heal. Then, deal an assault that deals up to 9,999 damage, similar to Armageddon. The fusion spell Armageddon, which delivers 9,999 damage, is the simplest way to defeat this boss. Players will need to bring both the Satan and Helel identities for this spell.

In order to strike any weakness, you should ideally have a persona who knows High Counter and a broad range of elemental spells. The boss needs to be hit with High Counter in order for you to utilize Armageddon on your next turn, and that is your only hope. Every round, the two attendants switch between a continual cycle of personas, using two attacks before moving on to the next character on their roster.

The attendants will employ the same tactic despite using distinct identities and sharing the same elemental affinities. The attendant will alternate between the next persona on their list at the beginning of each turn, using two attacks before moving down the list. Their identities are all unbreakable and only susceptible to standard damage. By being aware of this sequence, you may also make sure you don’t use any of the persona’s resistance components.

How to Fight Secret Boss

The extra dungeon Monad’s tenth floor is where you’ll find this boss battle. In order to gain entry to Monad, participants must first approve and finish request #53. In order to get a bloody button and return it to their velvet room attendant, players must locate and defeat the Reaper in order to fulfill Request #53.

When a player stays on a floor in Tartarus for an extended period, the Reaper comes.  He appears more frequently when there are “more shadows on this floor than usual.” To battle the Reaper, it is advised that your group be at least level 75. The players will finish this request, and then they will need to get to Tartarus’s top floor.

Persona 3 Portable - How to Fight Secret Boss

Once these two requirements are satisfied, you’ll be able to enter Tartarus’ first floor and find Monad. There are ten floors in this bonus dungeon, with the mystery boss located on the tenth floor. In order for the secret boss to appear on the tenth floor, players must also start Request #55.


How do you unlock Margaret boss fight in Persona 3 Portable?

After Elizabeth states that there is someone who wants to see you, players can find the Margaret boss fight in Persona 3 Portable by going behind the Paradigm Door that will appear at the Tartarus entrance. There will be two sets of doors within the Paradigm entrance.

How do you unlock Elizabeth fight in Persona 3 Portable?

Then, when it presents itself, you must grant request number 55, which discusses taking on the “Ultimate Opponent.” Ultimately, you must proceed to the summit of Monad, the dungeon that becomes accessible by defeating the Reaper. Elizabeth will be at the top of the tenth floor, assuming you’ve accepted the task.

Who is the final boss in Persona 3 Portable?

The last boss in Persona 3 is Nyx Avatar, who SEES must defeat. It was known as The Appraiser, The Harbinger of the Fall, and Death (or “Thanatos, the bringer of death”) before it became the Avatar.

What level should I be to fight Margaret Persona 3?

Furthermore, you ought to be at level 99 for Margaret. In Monad, train if necessary. To pass the initial step, you must have at least two different sorts of strong physical attacks on your physical persona.

Can you romance Shinjiro in Persona 3 Portable?

In Persona 3 Portable, Shinjiro Aragaki’s social link is one of the trickiest and most satisfying. In addition to gaining control of his ideal persona, you will be able to romance and even save him if you are able to maximize his social standing.

Does gender matter in Persona 3 Portable?

In addition, if you’re searching for new social connections, particularly for male SEES members, the female protagonist is a preferable option. If you’re one of her fans, you might consider that she has the best social connections, which could play a significant role in your choice.