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Alan Wake 2 – How to Get to Projection Booth


Alan Wake 2 adheres strictly to a formula if nothing else. Players can thus foresee the challenges they will face in each chapter. Not only will you be utilizing the Plot Board and the Angel Lamp a lot, but when you use them, where you place them becomes even more important than before! Entering the projection booth, where a second Overlap is waiting to arrange a quick meeting between Alan and Saga, is the biggest obstacle at the movie theatre. You will learn how to reach the projection booth in Alan Wake 2 by reading this article:

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How to Enter Into the Cinema

The Poet’s Cinema is located in the northeastern part of the Dark Place’s main area. That is, until you receive the Movie Ticket from Tom Zane, a Darkness Barrier will stand in your way. Using your flashlight, you can break through the Barrier after you obtain the Ticket.

The entrance doors of the movie theater are locked when you arrive. You can enter the Lobby by using the ticket you got from Tom at the booth between the two doors. There’s a break room to the right and a large case full of practical items, including a first aid kit, in a closet in the lavatory to the left. When you’re satisfied with your exploration, climb the steps to the upper balcony to see the Echo.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Projection Booth

Use the Cult of the Word on the Plot Board to open a way behind the concession stand, but be aware that it will also obstruct the door. After removing the Plot Element, stand inside the kitchen on the opposite side of the door. This will allow you to see a second Echo when you reapply Cult Of The Word on the opposite side of the barricade.

How to Explore the Cinema

Players need to visit the ticket booth and insert the ticket to enter the cinema. First, ascend the stairs located on the left side of the foyer. For an Echo to turn on, look down. Players can now utilize a new plot line, but not until exploring the lobby to some extent. A map and some supplies are in the room behind the concession stand.

Slide the Cult of the Word plot thread onto the scene by opening the storyboard. There’s a space that a barricade blocks off. After removing the tale thread, proceed to access the blocked location. To go over the barrier and locate another Echo that offers a story thread, insert the Cult of the Word story thread onto the scene. To make room for the Theater Hall, a new scene, add this additional plot point to the scene.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Projection Booth

Place the Cult of the Word tale thread onto the scene in the theatre before returning to the preceding chamber. This area will have an Echo that provides players with a fresh narrative thread. After adding the new plot point to the scene, turn back to face the screen, but be cautious of the Shadows who have risen from their seats. To advance the narrative, go up to the screen and use the Angel Lamp.

How to Get to Projection Booth

Use the New York’s Finest story thread on this new scene after going through the outer door. Use the Angel Lamp here after turning on the Echo. Stay facing the police car as you pass the little barrier and turn on the Angel Lamp. Players who place themselves perfectly will be able to get past the barrier and ascend a flight of red-lit stairs.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Projection Booth

Head up the ladder after climbing the steps. Once you reach the top of the cinema’s roof, turn south and pass through the gate. Approach the “Cinema Sign” wording on the map that is located next to a ladder symbol. Players should change the narrative thread to the Cult of the Word at this dead end. Turn on the Echo so that a new narrative thread named “The Grandmaster” arises.

Return to the bottom and proceed to the location shown in the preceding illustration. Although this door was once locked, it is currently open, allowing players to return to the theater. Return to the Theater Hall and set up the Grandmaster narrative line there. Enter the theater and proceed to the left door to reach the stage. Turn on the stage’s Echo. After then, spin around and engage with the display. Players enter a looping maze as a result.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Projection Booth

Eventually, if players continue to follow the exit sign, they will find a cultist bound in a chair. If you talk to him, he’ll bring up the knife. Take the knife by moving to the left. Continue following the exit signs after that. As Alan said, turn around and go back if you get to a dead end. Players follow this to the scene of the murder. Engage with the corpses to start the last cutscene of the chapter.

Next, exit via the door to the right of the corpses. The Theater Hall is accessible from here. A ridiculously lengthy live-action cutscene is being shown on screen, and players are free to choose to watch it or not. Proceed towards the theater’s exit by descending the stairs. On your way out, remember to turn on the Echo.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Projection Booth

Turn in the direction of Parliament Tower. Go right to discover it by approaching the entryway till the neighboring phone rings. Once the cutscene has concluded, proceed to the Alan monument outside Parliament Tower and insert Alice’s photos into the shoebox. At this point, players will be returned to Saga if they completed these objectives in the same order as this guide.


How do you get into the car wash in Alan Wake 2?

Once you emerge from the alley, turn right and you will see some windows on your right. You can open these windows by removing the darkness bubble. Looking inside, you can see that three bubbles of darkness are blocking the view of the rear of the car wash door, which you have to blast in order to unlock.

Should I play Control before Alan Wake 2?

Furthermore, playing Control or its two DLCs before starting Alan Wake 2 is not required. Remedy says it’s not compulsory, but suggests it for those interested in the Connected Universe lore.

What is the code for the dock stash in Alan Wake 2?

Location: Dock on Harbor Street. Includes: Increasing the inventory. To find this Cult Stash in Bright Falls, use the bolt cutters on the closed dock entrance and enter the shanty on the right. 697 is the code to unlock the Harbor Street dock stockpile.

Where is the stash in Alan Wake 2?

On the road outside the Elderwood Palace Lodge hotel, behind a box truck and some boxes, is where the Elderwood Palace Lodge cult stash appears in Alan Wake 2. Step out of the hotel and straight ahead down the road, Saga. You can see the stockpile if you look behind the white box truck.