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Persona 3 Portable – How to Save Shinjiro


The Persona 3 Portable plot opens with the introduction of Shinjiro. He is a former SEES member who departed and wouldn’t return until much later in the game. The game centers on the high school-age founders of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), whose task it is to look into the enigmatic Dark Hour, which is a time in between days that only a few individuals are aware of. You have until the deadline to maximize Shinjiro’s social links if you want to spare him from his unfortunate fate. You may learn how to save Shinjiro in Persona 3 Portable by reading this article:

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How to Save Shinjiro

The players must first understand that they have a limited amount of time to save Shinjiro. With less than a month to prepare, gamers will have to wait until September 7, 2009, to begin taking action in the game to try to save him. On that day, players can select the female lead and start working toward the necessary goal of saving Shinjiro’s life—maximizing his social link to Rank 10.

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, players utilizing the female protagonist can locate and engage with Shinjiro in the dorm lobby in order to work at his social link. Players must finish a side mission after they hit Rank 9 in order to advance to Rank 10 and save Shinjiro. They have to find his misplaced pocket watch for this side-quest.

Persona 3 Portable - How to Save Shinjiro

This is located in the Paulownia mall, heading toward the police station.  Officer Kurosawa, who is inside and has the pocket watch, will give it to the players so they may go back to Shinjiro. Players can return the pocket watch they have in their possession the following day when he is in the dorm lobby. On October 4, Shinjiro is finally saved by the pocket watch.

The bullet strikes the pocket watch rather than him, leaving him in a coma as opposed to killing him.  If Shinjiro is saved at the end of the story, players can opt to spend more time with him thanks to New Game+. Players will have more time to spend with Shinjiro on October 2 and 3, the days before his death, if they maximize his social link.

For those who already know what’s coming, this may come as a sobering reminder, but it offers gamers one final chance to enjoy his character before he becomes useless for the remainder of the game. Overall, supporters of Shinjiro’s character can find comfort in the knowledge that it is possible to spare his life, even though Shinjiro’s survival doesn’t significantly alter the plot in the same way that his death does.

Effects Of Saving Shinjiro

Even on the night that Shinjiro is supposed to die, Takaya shoots him in order to keep Ken safe. The bullet hits the pocket watch he now has and stops the bullet from killing him. He is currently alive, but for the duration of the game, he will be unconscious.

Persona 3 Portable - How to Save Shinjiro

Even though Shinjiro has been a playable character in SEES for some time, this path leaves him useless in the game’s closing stages. Despite being spared from certain death, he is essentially eliminated from the game and won’t be seen again. By fully utilizing his social media link, you may also join exclusive hangouts with him on October 2 and 3.


How do you get the Shinjiro ending in Persona 3 Portable?

Regretfully, you can only unlock a special ending with Shinjiro if you’re playing on New Game Plus, which you can access after finishing the game for the first time. This allows you to restart the game and save your money, level, character in your compendium, and any armor or weapons you may have in your inventory.

Can you romance in Persona 3 Portable?

Persona 3 Portable’s protagonist finds time for romance even in the middle of otherworldly events that could end the planet. P3P offers more romantic pursuits than the previous installments of the series because it has two protagonists. So remember that love can be in there in addition to starting and maintaining good grades.

How many endings does Persona 3 Portable have?

Both a True and a Bad Ending are Provided by Persona 3 Portable. But these two outcomes, along with the decision that leads to them, really fit the game very well, so the player won’t likely be left wanting more.

What is the best gender in Persona 3 Portable?

If you wish to form healthy social bonds with each and every one of your teammates, you would probably be better suited taking on the role of the female protagonist. There is an expanded version of Persona 3, known as Persona 3 FES, that is similar to Persona 4 Golden and Personal 5 Royal, but it is not the version that was ported to contemporary platforms.

What is the bad ending of Persona 3 Portable?

The unhappy conclusion of Persona 3 occurs once you murder Ryoji. The collapse causes the entire world to vanish. As mentioned in P3Portable, this has a butterfly effect at the beginning. An action may have a lasting impact if it has a “butterfly effect.”

What was removed in Persona 3 Portable?

The absence of the epilogue, the cutscenes, and the inadequate exploration are P3P’s three major losses. Even with P3P, there are still a few brief moments of animation, but they pale in comparison to the stunning anime cutscenes of FES. You can travel about in three dimensions using P3 and P3 FES.