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Alan Wake 2: Where to find the Witch’s Hut fuse


As players explore the nightmare scene of Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2, they will have to fight their way through hordes of monsters while also solving puzzles, arranging clues, and unraveling mysteries. Players’ first objective in Alan Wake 2 is to replace the fuse in the Witch’s Hut. The Witch’s Hut is going to be your first safe haven, therefore you’ll need to get a new fuse to turn on the lights. Find out in this article how to get the fuse for the Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2:

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Figure out where the fuses are located in the hut

The Witch’s Hut can be found without any trouble because it is labeled on the map of Cauldron Lake. If you face the front door and turn to the left, you’ll see the fuse box on the wall just above some ominously flapping window shutters.

Turn directly around and walk up the hill

Once you have located the fuse box, make a full turn counterclockwise and begin climbing the short path. You will know you are on the right track when you see several boxes directly in front of you.

The game has sneakily placed one fuse inside the gray container, but it is broken; therefore, you must proceed up the road to retrieve the other fuse that is functional.

Alan Wake 2: Where to find the Witch's Hut fuse

Raise your head and circle the nearby camp site.

Follow the trail to the top, where you’ll find a makeshift camp with a chair and a smoldering fire. Gear and a notebook with a young man’s musings on his crush’s departure and the goings-on at the big mansion by the lake (a reference to Alan Wake 1) can be found here. To the right, you can even see a lunchbox featuring the Alan Wake 2 logo. However, the fuse can be reached by proceeding up the trail while slightly veering left.

Alan Wake 2: Where to find the Witch's Hut fuse

Plastic containers under the lean-to

A little lean-to, visible behind the camp chair to the left, protects a stack of boxes, an oil drum, and some plastic storage bins. The Witch’s Hut fuse is located in the blue plastic tray on the right side of the device. The next step is to return to the Witch’s Hut, where the fuse box is located, and insert the new fuse. Light up the world!

Alan Wake 2: Where to find the Witch's Hut fuse

How to Find Witch’s Hut Fuse

You may reach the Witch’s Hut by ascending the ledge close to the General Store and then following the way up there. The players will arrive to discover the area dark and deserted; they will need to find a fuse to turn on the lights. Following the left-hand path across the stone bridge will lead players in the right direction, where they will find broken fuses.

Eventually, the players will come across a modest campsite with a few lawn chairs, a notebook, and a cooler. A usable fuse may be discovered in the blue container on top of the red barrel in the improvised shelter off to the left.

Alan Wake 2: Where to find the Witch's Hut fuse

Now that you have the unbroken fuse, you should return to the Witch’s Hut and check the wall outside for the fuse book. The hut will groan to life when the lights come on and power is restored once you interact with the fuse box and install the fuse. Once the power is restored, the shack will serve as the game’s first Break Room, allowing players to rest, recover, and save their progress away from the nightmarish world outside.


How do you beat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2?

Follow the signs to the boss fight location, then use the power of light and fire to defeat him. With proper aim, 30 shots from Saga’s handgun should be enough to kill Nightingale. Alan Wake 2 is out today for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One S.

How do you manually save in Alan Wake 2?

The shoebox can be used to handle stuff the player doesn’t have room for but may require later, while the thermos is used to save the game. There is no shoebox in the initial Rest Room, but one will be made accessible in a subsequent chapter.

Does Alan Wake have an ending?

There is only one possible conclusion to the story and it is revealed at the end of the credits. However, the story of Alan Wake is expanded upon in two downloadable content packs: The Signal and The Writer. The remastered version of the game includes both of these DLC packs, which extend the tale.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

Mr. Scratch has been set up as a significant villain in the sequel for more than a decade. Since Alan went missing, he has been haunting Alice, and it is indicated that in the real world, he is having the time of his life as the leader of a cult responsible for a number of ritualistic murders.