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Alan Wake 2 – How to Get to Caldera Station


In Alan Wake 2, Alan is trapped in The Dark Place, which materializes his darkest ideas and fears. Solving the objective of obtaining light inside Caldera St. Station is one of the more difficult ones. After leaving Alan’s first-floor television studio space, you must go to the Caldera Street subway station subway station. Entering the metro station is more difficult than you may imagine, though. You will learn how to get to Caldera Station in Alan Wake 2 by reading this article:

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Where is Caldera Station

As previously noted, you must proceed to Caldera Street Station after leaving the talk show set. Alan will say he needs to answer the payphone when you leave the set and hear it ring. Head over to answer the phone; it’s well-lit and conveniently located near the exit of the talk show set. Pick up the map of the Dark Place located next to the phone, and it will make finding the subway station much easier.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Caldera Station

According to the above image, Caldera Street Station is located to the east when you open the map. You can’t enter if you go there, as you will discover. This is the point at which you will need to begin using the Angel Lamp that you were given while on the talk show set.

How to Enter The Caldera Subway Station

Alan will remark that there isn’t an entrance inside the station when you arrive. Light up the area with your recently unlocked Angel Lamp to alter the surroundings and unlock the entrance.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Caldera Station

In search of a light to return to the station:

1. Turning to face the station, look left. There will be a large red neon sign that reads “Neighbourhood Illumination” and an alley to the right of it.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Caldera Station

2. a street light should be visible at its terminus when you enter the alley.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to Caldera Station

3. Use your angel lamp to get the light back and return it to the subway station.


How do I get back into Caldera station?

Return to the location of Caldera Station and transfer the light there with the Angel Lamp so that the subway entrance appears out of nowhere.

Who is humming in Alan Wake 2?

You should hear Tim Breaker humming when you approach a location that views out over a slightly hidden terminal (before to reaching the Summoning Ritual story point). Track him down by following.

Is Alan Wake 2 a horror game?

The 2023 survival horror game Alan Wake 2 was created by Remedy Entertainment and released by Epic Games Publishing.

Does Alan Wake 2 have Jumpscares?

Nothing can prepare you for the jump scares, which begin almost immediately. The worst part is that they appear out of nowhere. They’re not gradual or “blink and you’ll miss it”; instead, they fill your screen and your ears with an abrupt, deafening shriek.

Is Alan Wake 2 violent?

There is also a ton of gore, including viscera, blood-covered surroundings, and opponents splattering blood. Numerous graphic portrayals of violence, including as murder, ritual sacrifice, suicide, and immolation, are also present in the peripheral content and the primary game mechanisms.