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Alan Wake 2 – How to Unlock the Screwdriver


In Alan Wake 2, the screwdriver is a useful tool that lets you unlock locks that aren’t openable with a key or combination. Using the screwdriver, you can unlock a lot of the game’s scattered containers to find helpful things that can save your life in tight circumstances. It’s a must to enter Coffee World’s Gift Shop, but it can also be used to pry open padlocks you come across elsewhere. You may find out how to unlock the screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 by reading this article:

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Screwdriver Location

The screwdriver is hidden away until you enter Watery for the first time and head toward Coffee World, which is located on the left side of the map. To continue the story, you must enter the Gift Shop, but it is locked tightly. Fortunately, a note near it suggests that someone has already opened it using a screwdriver. More importantly, though, is that a tool can be found at the Percolator ride.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Unlock the Screwdriver

To discover the ride, you’ll need to walk southeast inside the Coffee World amusement park to where the Percolator is located. If you’ve got the Watery map, the Percolator ride should be well marked. If not, you may verify the exact location by looking at the screenshot up above.

How to Unlock the Screwdriver

The Screwdriver is unlocked as part of Saga’s major tasks, but it’s not until Return 3 – Local Girl that you can get your hands on it. To receive the Trailer Park key in this chapter, Saga must enter the Coffee World Gift Shop. There’s only one issue: the gift shop is closed. The Gift Shop door lock is stuck and requires a screwdriver to be opened; neither a combination nor a key will work to access it.

A note placed next to the door explains this. Gather every piece of evidence mentioned in the message, then add it to your Case Board. The Percolator ride is where the Screwdriver can be found, based on the clues, as that is where it was last used. Proceed from the Gift Shop to the Percolator, making sure to remove any items that have been taken.

When you reach the Percolator, turn left as you enter to find the control panel. The screwdriver is located atop the control panel. You receive the Finding a Way trophy by picking up the screwdriver.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Unlock the Screwdriver

Once you have the screwdriver, you can use it to open the door of the gift shop and to open locked Emergency Boxes and doors with locks like the ones seen above. Using Saga’s vehicle, you can go back to the locations where you discovered these lock spaces, which is highly recommended if you want to locate loads of treasures, trinkets, and buried lore.


How do you open the gift shop in Alan Wake 2?

Joonas from Security is the Lookout, Susan from Lost and Found is the Tracker, and Victor from Janitor is the Cleaner. This indicates that the gift store safe code for Alan Wake 2 is 146. At this point, you ought to have unlocked the gift store safe for Alan Wake 2 and taken out the trailer park key.

How do you get the bolt cutter in Alan Wake 2?

You will finally be able to access an Overlap after overcoming the manor house and Wellness Center nightmares. Once you get past this Overlap, you’ll finally come to the bolt cutters’ locked cabinet.

How do you beat Cynthia in Alan Wake 2?

If you can, try to hit a couple more targets with the crossbow. Then, when Cynthia gets close, swap to the shotgun and take her out. When Cynthia goes into her frenzy, her health is already low, but if players can’t hit her with the crossbow at this point, they can use the shotgun a couple more times to take her out.

Is Alan Wake 2 successful?

Although Alan Wake 2 is undoubtedly a critical success, its monetary success is debatable. Mind you, that doesn’t inherently mean that the game has been a financial flop for Remedy — sometimes games don’t sell in numbers the public would find spectacular while exceeding what the creator itself had projected.

Who is the main character in Alan Wake 2?

The playable character in Alan Wake 2, Saga Anderson, is the new protagonist. Her journey intersects with Alan Wake’s as she encounters numerous paranormal and supernatural obstacles outside of the Dark Place. Melanie Liburd portrays an FBI agent torn between mystery and terror.