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Wild West Dynasty – How to Make Money


The setting of Wild West Dynasty is a dangerous, barren desert. An isolated desert brims with danger and promise of wealth during the wide Wild West Dynasty. The demand for a large purse emerges amid interactions with vendors offering enticing items. As your adventure progresses, learning how to accumulate wealth becomes essential in this wild west. You will learn how to make money in the Wild West dynasty by reading this article:

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Making Money by Selling Items

You don’t have much money to work with when the game first launches. The greatest method to earn money in this survival-crafting game, like many others with a trade system, is by selling the products you’ve made. You may make things by yourself and then go into town to sell them.

Wild West Dynasty - How to Make Money

Since sticks and stones are easily found around the map, you can build many knives that you may sell. You can assign settlers who reside in small towns to certain tasks such as producing goods. You can then sell the things you’ve made to get some money. In general, we advise against doing this unless you have many building supplies you wish to sell.

Selling valuable items that you only have one of is a bad idea. Furthermore, hunting is a fantastic, sustainable source of income. You get flesh and occasionally fur when you hunt an animal. You could take this to town and sell it. You can fish and sell your catch if you’re close to water.

Wild West Dynasty - How to Make Money

You can also sell crops you cultivate if you’d rather not go on a hunt, however doing so will need you to obtain seeds first. The last option is to sell the looted goods. Have you discovered a pistol that you are unable to use? Simply sell it!


Is Wild West Dynasty open world?

Discover an uncharted territory, journey on foot or by horseback, and encounter distinct settings brimming with perils, riches, mysteries, and ample room to fulfill your aspirations of constructing a metropolis. Come into this incredibly thrilling era and rule the Wild West.

How do you place a bed in Wild West Dynasty?

You can also put furniture within your home. You can craft furniture by choosing the furniture option from the crafting menu, which is accessible by pressing ‘I’. Press ‘B’ after entering your home once a piece of furniture has been crafted. You will be able to place furniture inside after this opens your furniture inventory.

How did people sleep in the Wild West?

As expected, bedding on the frontier was not particularly opulent. Many people had to make their beds on the frontier, but other families transported featherbeds and pillows to their new residences. The most basic type of beds were crude bunks made of wooden planks held up by boards or pegs.

Where to build in Wild West Dynasty?

For the time being, it looks like a pretty excellent area to build is on the far right side of the map’s top, next to the river. Lots of level space with close proximity to trees.

How do you make planks in Wild West dynasty?

Create a hammer using the recipe that Ed the farmer gives you at the beginning of a game. Press “B” and equip your hammer to access the Building menu. Choose the workbenches located in the radial area. One workbench can be placed in your home and opened to reveal craft tools and boards.