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Tchia – How to Get the Crab Outfit


Tchia takes pride in offering a wide variety of cosmetics to decorate young girls. You have to search diligently to locate them because there are a few of them tucked away on the island. The game offers a wide variety of cosmetics, and even if they have no bearing on how you play, you won’t be able to resist treating yourself to a few new outfits. It’s challenging to get every costume, but luckily the Crab Outfit appears quite early in the narrative. You can learn how to obtain the Crab Outfit in Tchia by reading this article:

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How to Find the Crab Outfit

All you have to do is visit the local shop in Tingeting, the beachfront spot on the beginning island of Ija Noj. Look to the right of the Claw Machine in the northeastern region of the island. Additionally, you’ll need to earn some in-game cash. In Tchia, you need to pay 10 Clam Pearls and 15 Braided Trinkets in order to purchase the Crab Outfit.

You will receive three items of clothes for your character—a hat, a costume, and a backpack—when you purchase this cosmetic package. It is important to note that the Crab Outfit is really bright, so you will probably want to change after a time. To earn all the achievements, though, you still need to purchase it.

Tchia - How to Get the Crab Outfit

However, you can’t gain the Snip Snip accomplishment only by buying the Crab Outfit because there is still a small formality you need to finish. As you approach the campfire, put on all three of the Crab Outfit pieces. You’ll get a Snip Snip right away after doing this. There are still plenty of other milestones and cosmetic stuff in the game, so don’t stop there. We guarantee that you will have endless hours of fun projecting your soul into objects and animals, even if you are not a cosmetics enthusiast.

How to Get the Crab Costume

The tiny settlement known as Tingeting, which is situated in the southeast of the island of Ija Noj, is where one may buy the crab costume. You won’t have to wait very long to obtain the costume because you’ll visit this island rather early on in the game.

Tchia - How to Get the Crab Outfit

The suit is for sale adjacent to the building here, in the same spot as the claw machine, when you come to Tingeting. Purchasing it will cost you fifteen braided trinkets and ten clam pearls. Naturally, if that’s your goal, purchasing the Crab Costume alone won’t get you the “Snip Snip” trophy.

Tchia - How to Get the Crab Outfit

You must rest at any campfire in order to obtain the trophy. After that, you must put on the entire outfit, which consists of the suit, cap, and backpack. When everything is set up, the “Snip Snip” trophy ought to appear. More importantly though, you’ll look like a cute little crab!


What do you do with the trophies in Tchia?

These are actual objects that Tchia needs to list in her inventory, but if she puts them into one of the two claw machines, they’ll give her three chances to win. Every trophy is worth three attempts, regardless of its color.

Where are the claw machines in Tchia?

In Tchia, there are two Claw Machines: one in Aemoon, on the north side of Madra Noj, and one in Tingeting, on the east coast of Ija Noj.

How do you get in the shipwreck in Tchia?

Off the coast of Madra Nöj, amid a shipwreck, lies Tchia’s twelfth treasure chest. Players can swim off a nearby bridge or visit this wreck by boat. The shipwreck’s bottom is where the chest is located. Swim down to it, then tear the shackles holding the chest open with a crab.

What is the easiest music sequence in Tchia?

Tchia’s second chapter is the first—and possibly the easiest—music sequence in the game where players can obtain the Shredder trophy. To be clear, Tchia and Tre play together in this sequence, which has just one moderately quick section.