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Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect


Having the ability to heal from any of Remnant 2’s many status effects is crucial for continuing the fight, especially when facing off against a particularly formidable foe, such as a boss. Remnant 2 features a wide variety of explorable environments, each with its own unique monster kinds and potential status effects. Learn here how to undo any status effect in Remnant 2:

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How to Cure All Status Effects

In Remnant 2, you can suffer from one of six different status effects: Bleeding, Burning, Corroded, Overloaded, Root Rot, or Suppression. All of these conditions have consumable remedies, and the good news is that these remedies are widely available across a wide variety of worlds. For example, if you’re on a planet where the local bad guys like to dish out Bleed, you can probably also locate Bandages without much trouble.


The bleeding effect is a type of DoT that inflicts damage over a very short period of time and causes bleeding. Bandages are an effective treatment for them.

Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect


Your armor will become less effective over time due to corrosion, which will result in you taking more damage from your adversaries. Antidotes, which also momentarily boost your acid resistance, can be used to treat this condition and bring it under control.

Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect


Be prepared for a tremendous explosion to go off and for your character to absorb a significant amount of damage any time an Overloaded attack hits you. This will happen whenever you get hit by an Overloaded assault. Because it is effectively an attack similar to a bomb, you will need to utilize an Ethereal Orb in order to get rid of it.

Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect


Burning is an effect that, like Bleeding, causes you to receive damage over a relatively short amount of time. Mud Rubs, which also provide a temporary boost to your fire resistance, are the only thing that can heal this condition.

Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect

Root Rot

Root Rot isn’t always the status effect that deals the most damage in Remnant 2, but it’s often the one that’s the most frustrating and crippling. Because of this, your character will get sluggish and start coughing, ultimately rendering you helpless for a few seconds. A treatment for this is available in the form of an oil-based balm.

Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect


Last but not least, the state effect of Suppression stops you from making use of your perks and talents while engaged in combat, which can be quite dangerous. This condition can be remedied by using a Timeworn Unguent.

Remnant 2: How to Cure All Status Effect


What is the highest damage reduction in Remnant 2?

Effect-based damage reduction (DR) refers to the mitigation of attacks. The amount of damage you take before being healed by your armor. All Damage Reduction is added together to make up this number, and it can go as high as 80%.

What is the fragmented effect in Remnant 2?

Effect of the Defrag Weapon Mod in Remnant 2. When a FRAGMENTED adversary dies, they create a Glitch that lasts 15s. For 15 seconds after picking up a Glitch, All damage is increased by 20%.

Does potency affect relics Remnant 2?

By filling up their Relic Fragment Slots, players can boost their Relics’ overall effectiveness. To increase the benefits of using a Relic, players can place Relic Fragments in these spaces. Relic Fragments can be used to improve the effectiveness of Relics or decrease their cooldowns.

How do you prevent madness in Remnant 2?

When you’ve chipped away at Legion’s health to the tune of a quarter, he’ll start floating aimlessly about the arena. This makes it little more challenging to dodge his Madness-inducing gaze, so make good use of the many pillars in the room.

What is haste status Remnant 2?

The status effect of haste improves performance by seven percent across the board, with the exception of movement speed. These activities encompass sprinting, evading, using relics, reloading, targeting, casting spells, and melee attacks. Haste can speed up just about anything you do.