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Alan Wake 2 – How to Switch Characters


Alan Wake 2 has achieved the unimaginable by consistently meeting and beyond expectations. Players in the most recent Alan Wake game can alternate between Alan and Saga, the series’ protagonists. Alan Wake is an impoverished writer imprisoned in the Dark Place, while Saga Anderson is a perceptive and resolute FBI agent. Throughout the journey, these two opposing narratives seamlessly blend together, albeit it’s not always obvious how to switch up the cast. You may learn how to change characters in Alan Wake 2 by reading this article:

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When Can You Change Characters?

The option to switch between Saga and Alan won’t be available to you right away; instead, it will become available after you’ve had an introduction to each character and their developing tales. The game’s plot will first follow Saga Anderson as she looks into the killing of Florence Nightingale and the local cult.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Switch Characters

Once Return 2: The Heart is finished and your first big boss is vanquished, you’ll manage Alan Wake’s journey through the Dark Place, the evil dimension he’s been imprisoned in for 13 years. After that, you’ll have to play a lengthy gameplay sequence as Alan Wake to learn how to navigate around the deformed nightmare version of New York City.

You’ll be returned to Saga Anderson’s story after finishing his first three missions, Initiation 1: Late Night, Initiation 2: Casey, and Initiation 3: Haunting. However, at this point, you’ll be introduced to the janitor bucket, which is how you switch between Alan’s and Saga’s storylines.

How to Switch Characters

In Alan Wake 2, players can switch between characters by simply following these steps:

  • Go up to a bucket of janitor’s.
  • The player will be prompted to Switch Reality.
  • To swap to the other character, press the action button, which looks like X on a gamepad.
  • The location of the Janitor’s Bucket will change, but the new character will spawn in the same spot.

It’s important to remember that in Alan Wake 2, character switching is only possible after finishing the Haunting chapter. The game will alternate between Saga and Alan automatically until the Haunting chapter is finished. Players will be prompted to swap to the other character by going to the Janitor’s Break Room after finishing the Haunting chapter.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Switch Characters

In addition to serving as safe havens, the Janitor’s Break Rooms let users physically store their gear and preserve their game progress. Although they are not found in every safe room, Janitor’s Buckets are dispersed fairly across the game.


How do you change costumes in Alan Wake 2?

The main menu has a “Cosmetics” tab where you may view and alter the weapon skins and clothing.

Do you need to play American Nightmare Before Alan Wake 2?

Consequently, even if playing Alan Wake or Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is not required, doing so will allow players to comprehend the game’s somewhat intricate plot and story components far better.

How scary is Alan Wake 2?

It took me just a few minutes to jump when I saw Alan Wake 2. Remedy Entertainment’s latest science fiction thriller is packed with jump scares from the get-go, and I don’t just mean the gloomy vibe that permeates the entire Twin Peaks-esque scenario.

Is there Jumpscares in Alan Wake 2?

There’s a lot to be terrified of in Alan Wake 2, but even while the tension is kept high throughout the entire game, the sheer number of jumpscares in the game tends to detract from the overall horror vibe.

How do you beat Cynthia in Alan Wake 2?

When Cynthia goes into her frenzy, her health is already low, but if players can’t hit her with the crossbow at this point, they can use the shotgun a couple more times to take her out.