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Homeworld 3 – How to Play Early Access


One of the most renowned series in real-time strategy makes a comeback with Homeworld 3. In 1999, Homeworld became the first to realize role-playing games fully in three dimensions. Space was more than simply a two-dimensional plane; it was space, complete with all the intricate tactical manoeuvring required for three-dimensional combat. The scene of those conflicts was equally breathtaking, an empty expanse with magnificence. You will learn how to play early access in Homeworld 3 by reading this article:

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How to Play Early Access

One of the main advantages of Homeworld 3’s two most costly editions, the Collector’s edition and the Fleet Command edition, is early access. Before the official debut, these are the only ways to play Homeworld 3 and are priced at $89.99 and $174.99, respectively.

Both versions are currently available for pre-order on Steam and the Epic store. Below is a complete list of contents for the Fleet Command and Collector’s editions:

  • Homeworld 3 base game
  • Year one pass
  • Digital copy of the official soundtrack
  • Cosmetic in-game items bundle
  • 72 hours early access
  • Physical Khar-Kushan bundle (Collector’s edition only)

Pre-ordering the game is necessary to play Homeworld 3 early access, and doing so will earn you a Kushan Carrier War Games skin as a pre-order bonus.

Homeworld 3 - How to Play Early Access

If you want to play Homeworld 3 early access, you’ll need to spend at least $30 extra than the $59.99 base game. Although the Fleet Command and Collector’s editions offer additional benefits, the lack of a feature that allows players to just experience the main game three days earlier may frustrate them.

Homeworld 3 will have a new co-op roguelite War Games mode

A brand-new War Games roguelite game style is coming to Homeworld 3. It can be played alone or with three other players as a team. Short missions with a single goal will make up a War Games run, which will end with a boss fight against a capital ship. Every player starts with a prebuilt fleet, which they can strengthen as they construct new ships and acquire power-ups by finishing missions. Shorter play sessions are the focus of War Games, where both successful and unsuccessful runs accrue experience toward persistent fleet unlocks for your subsequent try.


Will Homeworld 3 have PvP?

Apart from standard AI conflicts, Homeworld 3 offers PvP matches where players must hone their shooting skills and build their courage to take on opponents in one-on-one dogfights, team fights, or free-for-all matches.

Will Homeworld 3 be multiplayer?

The Base Game, Year One Pass, Multiplayer Customization Set, Digital Soundtrack, and the ability to play 72 hours ahead of time are all included in the Homeworld 3: Fleet Command edition! Three DLC drops that add new playable factions and artifacts to the co-op War Games mode are included in the Year One Pass.

Is Homeworld 3 single player?

Homeworld 3 is a 3D real-time strategy game that takes place in space, just like its two major predecessors. When considering about improving the formula, Blackbird Interactive looked into a number of ideas before deciding to concentrate on the campaign mode and solo gaming.

What happened to Homeworld 3?

The first gameplay footage for Homeworld 3 was unveiled on August 23, during Gamescom, and it was announced on June 10, 2022, that the game has been postponed until the first half of 2023. The game was postponed until February 2024 in May 2023. Gearbox said on December 1st, 2023, that the game would launch on March 8th, 2024.