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Alan Wake 2 – How to Get Out of the Morgue


The gameplay of the survival-horror game Alan Wake 2 is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. The term “Stuck in Morgue” describes a scenario in Alan Wake 2 when players encounter difficulties advancing past the morgue within the Sheriff’s Office. Finding a way out of the morgue is the first true difficulty in the game, not dealing with Nightingale’s reanimated corpse. You will learn how to escape the morgue in Alan Wake 2 by reading this article:

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How to Talking To Casey

Casey is a crucial character who is in the Morgue with you and must be interacted with in order to escape. Each and every conversational avenue with Casey needs to be investigated and pursued. Once you’ve completed both of the dialogue options, the goal will be marked as completed, and you can move on to the next one.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get Out of the Morgue

How to Dealing With Nightingale

You must locate Nightingale’s lost heart before you can deal with her. Inside the refrigerator in the General Store is where you can find the missing heart. But you have a few goals to complete before you can obtain the heart.

  • Sort the Case Files and enter the Mind Palace.
  • Find every page of Nightingale’s manuscript.
  • Nightingale needs to go through the Mind Palace roughly six times.

Make your way to the Witch’s Ladle tree after completing those tasks and obtaining Nightingale’s heart. After that, things get a little complicated, so.

How to Get Out of or Leave the Morgue

After overcoming Nightingale, you find yourself abandoned in the dilapidated, blood-stained morgue. After the cutscene ends, you can attempt to leave, but you’ll discover that the other two doors are locked and that you cannot interact with the main doors. What, then should you do? It was simple to depart from the morgue in Alan Wake 2’s Sheriff Station.

The Murder at Cauldron Lake case needs to be updated. Yes. We have about six indications that Nightingale is at Cauldron Lake, but Anderson needs to go to her Mind Place to piece the pieces together laboriously. This is the exact sequence in which you should complete the tasks.

  • Take the Manuscript Page next to Casey’s lifeless body of the police officer first.
  • After that, go over each dialogue option with Casey.
  • Next, navigate to the Mind Place menu.
  • Make sure you are on “Cauldron Lake Murders” by accessing your cases.
  • Show off your cards of evidence.
  • Click “Nightingale Attacked Us” and then select “General Case Board.”
  • A new row will result from this.
  • Open your evidence cards once more, then choose the first manuscript page.
  • Put it on the card that says, “Nightingale Attacked Us.” Thus, “Where Did Nightingale Go?” will be produced.
  • Use the second manuscript page for the “Where Did Nightingale Go?” card.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get Out of the Morgue

Casey will engage in a fresh conversation once you exit the Mind Place. After that, Casey will proceed to the doors. The other police officers open the door, and remarkably, nobody appears to be concerned about the deaths of their two comrades. One is so bleeding at their feet.


How do you escape Nightingale in Alan Wake 2?

Hit his Source Point, which is the bright red area that appears once the darkness is destroyed, once for significant damage. When you deal enough damage, Nightingale disappears and gives you a jumpscare. There are a few things you can do to ease the fight. If you have to reload, blind him to hinder his progress.

Is it possible to miss parts of Alan Wake 2?

Because of its hidden trinkets and achievements related to exploring and discovering hidden places and weaponry, Alan Wake 2 offers a great deal of replay value. If you only follow the main plot path, you may miss secret locations like the Watery Lighthouse, Cinema Rooftop Supply Briefcase Area, and The Lake House.

How often should you switch characters in Alan Wake 2?

Players should swap between characters during chapters to ensure they don’t miss any crucial information. In addition, players can swap characters to take a break and return to the puzzle when they’re ready if they cannot solve it.

What is the alternate ending leak in Alan Wake 2?

In the alternate ending, it is revealed that Saga’s call is returned, Alan awakens from his gunshot wound, and discovers that Alice is still alive in a vision. Apart from New Game+, the disclosures also disclose that Dr.

What is the hardest boss in Alan Wake 2?

Compared to a standard boss fight, Alan Wake 2’s endgame bosses aren’t all that horrible and are more situational. However, Cynthia occasionally causes issues. She requires a great deal of punishment to beat, even on Normal. All your ammunition will be spent on her alone, well, maybe pistol rounds.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

The primary foe in the Alan Wake series is The Dark Presence. Along with The Hiss, it is also one of the two main adversaries of the 2020 DLC crossover Control: AWE.