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Alan Wake 2: Sheriff’s Station Shotgun Guide


The shotgun password in the Sheriff’s Station is one of the more challenging puzzles in Alan Wake 2, among many others. We’ll show you how to crack the Alan Wake 2 Sheriff’s Station shotgun code if you’ve located the pump-action shotgun but are unable to open the glass weapon cabinet containing it.

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Where to Find the Sheriff’s Station Shotgun Case?

While you are being arrested in the Falls Sheriff’s Station in Alan Wake 2, you will come upon the shotgun case that belongs to the Sheriff’s Station.

Alan Wake 2: Sheriff’s Station Shotgun Guide

When you reach that location, you will be rewarded with the Sheriff’s Staton Keys, which are the only keys that will allow access to Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office. To the right of the main entrance is where you’ll find the case containing the shotgun, but in order to access it, you’ll need a passcode.

How to Find the Pump-Action Shotgun Code

The shotgun code in Alan Wake 2: Sheriff’s Station is 723, in case you wanted to skip the task. Enter the codes and take the shotgun out of the safe. The code is on the desk that’s perpendicular to the locked weapon cabinet. Several books and a hastily written message are located next to the computer.

The note is coded with letters that each stand for a different digit. This is a rather simple cipher where A=1, B=2, and so on. Though the note only shows the values for seven letters, the pattern applies to all letters in the alphabet, so for example D=4. When dealing with numbers with two digits, the second digit is used.

Alan Wake 2: Sheriff’s Station Shotgun Guide

Now, applying the cipher, we take the initial letter of the surnames of the writers on the table, reading clockwise from the right:

  • Quincey – 7
  • Batston – 2
  • Westmore – 3

723 is the code needed to unlock the shotgun at the Sheriff’s Station in Alan Wake 2, according to the cipher and the books.

How to Open the Sheriff’s Station Shotgun

In Alan Wake 2, the shotgun case at the Sheriff’s Station can only be accessed by entering the correct code into the lock. The shotgun case at the Sheriff’s Office has a combination of 7-2-3. This combination will open the lock on the right side of the casing. The computer desk in the room’s center is the place to go if you wish to crack the code on your own. You can find a numerical code that correlates to letters there.

Remember that the code starts over at 0 once it reaches the letter J. Once you’ve sorted out the alien literature, you may use the first letters of the authors to spell out QBW. You’ll need to decipher which numbers are represented by these letters.


How do you beat Cynthia in Alan Wake 2?

Once injured enough, the ghost will charge you and try to attack physically with a swiping motion of their hands as a devastating combat move. If you keep up the pressure and don’t run out of bullets, Cynthia, The Drowned Lady will be defeated in Alan Wake 2 at some point.

How do you get bolt cutters in Alan Wake 2?

Near the end of RETURN 5: OLD GODS, you’ll find the bolt cutters that you need to complete Alan Wake 2. Here, Saga Anderson visits the Valhalla Nursing Home, where she is expected to see the Old Gods of Asgard like Tor and Odin.

Is Alan Wake 2 Next Gen only?

The digital version of Alan Wake 2 may be purchased for the PC through the Epic Games Store, as well as for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Who plays Alan in Alan Wake 2?

The game is packed with surprises, allusions to popular culture, and callbacks to the first Alan Wake game. The actors, especially Ilkka Villi, who voices Alan Wake, and Matthew Porretta, who voices Alan Wake’s alter ego Mr. Scratch, gave powerful performances.