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All About TVB Shows


TV-watching is a pastime that may have been marginalized by the internet age, but there’s no denying that it’s still one of the best ways to spend your time when you need some downtime. Unlike reading, doing activities, or other hobbies which require your full attention, watching TV can be done in a relatively passive manner.

TV shows are also incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Some people like the escapism that TV shows can provide you with because you get to check out from reality for an hour or two and immerse yourself in a fictional world. Others watch TV because they enjoy the fact that TV shows are an easy way to unwind at the end of a day and forget about all your worries and troubles.

We’ve put together a list of the best TV shows to help you find something that suits your mood.

  1. Life After Death
  2. The Dripping Sauce
  3. Death by Zero
  4. On-lie Game
  5. Airport Strikers
  6. Brutally Young
  7. Al Cappuccino
  8. Flying Tigers II
  9. The Exorcist’s Second Master
  10. Forensic Heroes

The benefits of watching these TVB shows may include:

  • The interaction between the characters is outstanding and the acting is top-notch.
  • The plot is generally well thought out and the storyline is well developed.
  • The scripts are usually fun to help you relax.
  • You’ll have some laughs along with drama, which helps improve your mental health and overall well-being.
  • Great acting and storylines.

TVB shows are also very helpful in your career as an actor.

“For example, if you are doing the role of a handsome police detective, then watching a series such as “The Rainmaker” will help you master your looks, mannerisms and character, which will aid in development and improvement of your confidence.”

As well, TVB shows have helped actors build their own TV resume. In a world where you are constantly competing with hundreds of other actors for that next role, you will find it very hard to land the job unless you have something to show the casting directors, like an on tv resume.

TVB shows can be great as they are usually made in large volumes and will allow you to build up your on-screen experience.

TVB shows have been produced for over five decades and these shows have a strong fanbase that is still growing.

The shows were originally intended for release in Hong Kong, but due to the audiences they garnered in Asia and overseas, some of these shows have since been released as DVD/Blu-ray sets.

As such, it’s really worth checking out the TVB website for a list of all their latest releases.

Notable TVB releases include “All Out”, “You Are My Destiny”, “The Legend Of The Blue Sea”, and “A New Journey”.


Watching TVB shows has become another great activity that people enjoy. It has become a great pastime activity that is usually done at home or in an office.

TVB shows also provide you with entertainment and reinforce your well-being, as well as having the personality to be able to learn more about acting and better your image giving you a great on-screen experience.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your date with friends with TVB shows available on different streaming platforms.

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