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All You Need To Know About The Legal Gambling Age In Canada


With the introduction of online casinos, almost everyone is hooked on the gambling craze. As a result, more punters have committed their time to the online casino real money, increasing the industry’s growth. However, not all gamblers know about the industry’s legalities, especially newbies playing any Canadian casino out there. For that reason, we have reviewed all the basic details you need to know about the legal gambling age in Canada. So let’s, although begin by understanding what legal gambling is in Canada.

Legal Gambling in Canada 

In Canada, all the gambling laws are determined by the government. For instance states such as Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Manitoba, the legal gambling age is 19. In other states such as Quebec and Alberta, anyone with 18 years and above can venture into gambling activities. However, the average gambling age is 19 years.

So what games can you play at a Canadian casino?

Different Types of Gambling in Canada

Canada has provided everyone with a gambling choice with its wide range of games. Here are some types of gambling to expect while playing in Canada.

Casino Games

Nothing beats the fun you get from playing casino games in Canada. These casinos are popular for their glitz and glamour. Besides, they come with some of the hottest slots and table games to keep you entertained.


Experts consider poker to be the most popular card game in most parts of the world, especially in Canada. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is available online, meaning players can access it anywhere and at any time. In Canada, poker is all about competition. It means that, with numerous poker sites in Canada, you cannot miss what tickles your fancy.


Many consider the lottery to be among the simplest forms of gambling today. For that reason, in some parts of the world, such as Canada, lottery enthusiasts crowd the industry.


Since 1990 when the first bingo hall was introduced in Canada, the game has gained massive popularity. Just like the lottery, bingo involves gambling with numbers, one of the reasons it is a popular pastime among Canadian players today.


In Canada, players find slots exciting as they offer quick-fix entertainment and generous payouts. Even better, gamblers can find them both online and on land-based casinos, consequently guaranteeing them thrills every time they spin the reels.

The Legal Gambling Age is Correlated to the Legal Drinking Age 

Rules regarding the legal drinking age in Canada are similar to those imposed on gambling. However, they vary from one province to the other. For instance, in places like Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba, you can’t drink unless you are 19 years and above. Although the legal drinking age doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon, it has been changed in the past for specific reasons. For instance, the province of Ontario changed its drinking age from 21 to 18 in 1971. However, it later raised the age to 19 in 1979. According to the authorities, they did not want to permit high school-aged students to drink alcohol. Since 18 is the legal adult age in Canada, some provinces have given individuals aged 18 permission to consume alcohol.

International Gambling Sites

In Canada, the government has ensured all gambling platforms, whether online or otherwise, are licensed. For that reason, you can be sure to enjoy a secure and regulated gambling experience in Canada. However, regulations regarding international gambling sites are a bit unclear. Although it’s kind of a minefield to navigate, be sure any site is coming from a county where gambling is legal, it is fine to play on in Canada.

Proof Gambling Age in Canada 

For anyone intending to gamble either online or offline, you might be required to verify your age in most cases. Not only does it help the casino to verify your age but also your identity. In most cases, you verify your age during registration or when withdrawing your winnings, where you receive a request to verify your age. Although verification documents vary between casinos, a few of them appear to be accepted in almost every casino online. For instance, most casinos accept government-issued IDs, passports or driving licenses. Since proof of age is part of gambling activity in Canada, ensure you have all your verification information ready to gamble in the country.

How to Avoid Illegal Gambling in Canada 

In Canada, there are few government-run casinos and betting services. In addition, offshore gambling is legal in Canada, meaning you can’t go wrong while placing your wagers in Canada. However, it’s always crucial to vet any gambling site to ensure it’s licensed. Here, you need to scroll to the bottom of an online site and look for a legal gambling seal. Some of the licensing services authorities offering their permits to Canadian operators include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Kahnawake, the Malta Gaming Authority, and Curacao.

Although, as a parent, you can avoid engaging yourself in illegal gambling activities, your children might not. For that reason, it’s important to protect your underage children from such activities. Underage players can use false information to gamble, so you must keep track of their phone activities and monitor what they are doing all the time. You can do so by installing phone tracking apps on their phones.


Since the word is in the groups of gambling craze, many are logging in onto gambling sites to place their wagers. For that reason, many sites are emerging every day to take advantage of numerous gamblers in today’s industry. This has led to confusion regarding legal gambling ages across the globe and, in particular, Canada. Additionally, the legal gambling age online is similar to the legal gambling age offline.

As a result, it is important to scrutinize any platform before betting. However, if you are not sure about gambling legal issues in Canada, you can read their online page regarding the same. However, their information comes as a general guide. For that reason, the information doesn’t include tax or any legal advice. Additionally, you are not allowed to use the information in this manner. If you want any tax and legal information regarding gambling in Canada, we advise you to look for legal advice from an independent provider.