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Amazing Facebook Video Downloader to save video clips from Facebook in a few Seconds


Facebook is a giant social networking platform. Thousands of video clips and images are streaming over this platform. Because countless people are exploring this social website and these people use it to share and post different video clips and images. They want to be connected with their fans and followers that’s why they have to share their daily activities and status there. Their fans and followers and FB friends love to save and download video clips and to post on other social platforms for different purposes. For this purpose, there is an amazing Facebook Video Downloader to save video clips from Facebook in a few seconds.  

Most Popular Facebook Video Downloaders

Here is a list of the most popular and best video downloaders used these days to save videos from Facebook and other platforms, just for your convenience. You can check this list can easily choose a free video downloader for your personal use. The list is here:

  • By Click Downloader 
  • FB Video Saver 
  • Download Social Media 
  • YTD Video Downloader 
  • All Video Downloader 
  • QDownloader 
  • Wondershare 
  • Facebook Video Downloader 
  • GetfVid 
  • Leawo Video Downloader 
  • Freemake Video Downloader 

These are the most trending and used online tools for downloading video clips from any of the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, and TikTok. Users are free to use any of these free tools if they want to download videos from Facebook. 

Best Facebook Video Downloaders for iOS (iPhone)

It is no problem if you are using iPhone and want to save videos from Facebook. There are some special types of downloaders that are specially designed to explore on iOS or iPhones. You can easily search for any of these mentioned free video downloaders for Facebook to explore on iPhones. The list includes:

  • My Media 
  • Cydia Prenesi 
  • Video Downloader for Facebook 
  • Tube Downloader 
  • FileMaster 

These are highly supported by iPhones and can be easily used for downloading videos from a giant social networking platform Facebook. 

Benefits of Using a Free Video Downloader 

Sometimes it comes to mind that what is the reason behind the worldwide use of such free video downloaders? So, the answer to this question is that people get benefits by using these online and free tools. There are amazing and unbelievable benefits of using free and online tools for downloading videos from different social sites. The list of some benefits is mentioned here for your convenience and awareness. The list includes:

  • Time-saving online tools.  
  • Free of cost tools. 
  • Offers mp3 or mp4 formats of the video clips. 
  • Supports high-quality music files ( HD & SD ).
  • Offers to share downloaded video clips. 
  • No Registration is required. 
  • Maintains Portability. 
  • Offers Unlimited Downloading Attempts.
  • Supports Multiple Social Media Platforms.
  • Supports Multiple Devices. 

These are the benefits that make these tools the best one and people use them in a wide range over the world. Users are always in search of such tools and apps that will give them the most benefits and offer their services without any charges and complex processes like log-in or registration processes. 


Free Video Downloader is an online free tool that is used to save video clips from not only Facebook but also from Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, Pinterest, and so on. So users are blessed to have such a downloader that will work for multiple sites and you will enjoy an amazing experience. There are also no restrictions on using a specific device and platform for downloading videos from Facebook and other platforms. You have to choose a tool that is related to your device because there are many tools available for mobile phones including iPhones and iOS. 


Before exploring any of the mentioned free video saver tools, you have to carefully read and understand all the privacy policies including the terms and conditions of that website. Because careless use of such free online tools may harm your privacy and hackers may hack your personal pieces of information. Such hacked data may be used for some commercial purposes as well as for some personal purposes. 

Our site is perfectly safe and secure to use. No third parties are involved in the whole process of downloading video clips from any of the social websites. Our downloader downloads the selected clips directly from the servers of the respective platform. Hence, its no need to get worried about your privacy.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use Facebook video downloaders for other social media platforms? 

It is quite possible to use Facebook video downloader to save video clips from other sites including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and many more trending social media sites. 

How I can download a video by using a video downloader?

The process of downloading video clips by using our free video downloader tool is very easy and simple. You have to copy the link to the desired video. Paste it in the search box of the downloader and press the ‘’Download’’ button. 

Which type of Quality is offered by a free Video Downloader?

A free Video Downloader offers its users to download high-quality music files including HD and SD quality. 

Is it possible to extract only the music from a video clip?

Our Free Video Downloader offers its users to choose the format of the selected video clip according to their need and choice. They can choose either MP3 (just music) or MP4 (music with video) format before pressing the ‘’Download’’ button. 

Which is the best video downloader for Facebook?

There is a complete list of such online downloaders that is considered the best Facebook video downloader to download videos from Facebook. and FB video saver are the best tools to use for Facebook. 

How I can register myself using a Facebook video downloader?

It doesn’t need to have any registration for using a free Facebook video downloader. You simply have to explore the tool on your browser and paste the URL of the video and let it download without any registration.