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Apex Legends – How to Get Cross Progression


One of the most often asked-for improvements in Apex Legends is cross-progression. Cross-progression, as the name implies, lets you transfer achievements and rewards—most notably, skins and cosmetics—between platforms. It can be a little complicated to link one Apex Legends account to another that is on a different gaming platform. You will learn how to obtain cross-advancement in Apex Legends by reading this article:

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What Is Cross Progression?

To put it briefly, cross progression is your key to bringing your Apex Legends experience together across all of the platforms you could choose to play on. Your success is no longer limited to a single platform, regardless of whether you’re a PC enthusiast, a console aficionado on the Playstation or Xbox, or a portable champion on the Nintendo Switch.

Apex Legends - How to Get Cross Progression

The main goal is to liberate your Apex experience by giving you the flexibility and freedom to carry on with your progress on any device.

How to Activate Cross Progression

Apex Legends’ Cross Progression formally began with the release of Season 19. Every account, regardless of age, is unable to disable this feature, thus even if they only play on one machine, everyone can take advantage of Cross Progression.  A screen in the main menu may appear to players when they launch Apex Legends for the first time during Season 19, listing every account connected to their primary EA account along with a rundown of the cosmetics and currency they have amassed on each of those accounts.

Apex Legends - How to Get Cross Progression

If this screen shows up, the player’s accounts have already been connected, so they can utilize all of their belongings on whichever platform they decide to play on. You need to wait for those who check in and don’t see this screen. Respawn stated that to prevent stability problems; accounts would be introduced gradually. To guard against potential misuse, accounts established for an existing EA account after October 26 will not be eligible for cross-progression.

On the subject of carryover, players can utilize all of their unlocked characters on any platform. Cosmetics follow suit, although awards unique to a particular console, such as the Xbox Gold goods and P.A.T.H. skin, will not be available on other platforms.

Apex Legends - How to Get Cross Progression

Heirloom Shards, Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, and crafting supplies are all linked to a player’s EA account thus they will be consistent across all platforms. However, apex Coins obtained or bought while using the Nintendo Switch will only be usable on that system.

How to Use Cross Progression

In Apex Legends, cross advancement is made beautiful by its own simplicity. As soon as you log in, a notification will appear on your screen that lists every account that is connected to your main EA account. It will also include a summary of the cosmetics and currency that you have achieved on each account. You will be guided through the process of initiating the migration to unify your progress and material by this in-game notification.


Will Apex cross-progression merge accounts?

Cross-progression is finally available in Apex Legends after years of waiting. Gamers can now combine their accounts across several platforms to access all of their unlocks and data in a single, cohesive system.

Why isn t my cross-progression working apex?

The cross-progression feature is rolling out to Apex Legends in waves, as per the official statement. Therefore, you will only need to wait patiently till you acquire access to the feature if cross-progression isn’t working for you.

How do I fix crossplay on Apex Legends?

In the lower-right corner of the screen, click the cogwheel (Game Menu). Select Settings. To access Cross Platform Play, scroll down. To activate it, click Enabled; to deactivate it, click Disabled.

Why can’t I add my friend on Apex?

You might need to ask your friend to alter their EA privacy settings on the EA website if you’re experiencing problems reaching them in this manner. By changing their settings, users can make it possible for friends to locate them using their Nintendo Nickname, Xbox Live gamertag, PSN account name, or email address.

How to accept a friend request on Apex Legends cross platform?

You will receive a friend request message from your friend on the other platform after they log in. To accept the invitation, click the appropriate button. You should now see your friend’s name with their platform icon next to it when you navigate to your friends list.