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Armored Core 6: How to Beat Sea Spider


After the grueling Chapter 1 final boss, you should be ready for a similar experience as you hit the end of chapter 2 in Armored Core 6. These last tests aim to ensure your AC is prepared for the following set of missions and the subsequent increase in difficulty. The Sea Spider will not allow you any time to gather your thoughts, so you had better come prepared. If you’re having trouble with Sea Spider in AC6, this article has the answers you’re looking for.

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How to Beat Sea Spider

For this battle, we recommend equipping your AC with two Gatling guns for its arms and two Songbirds for its shoulders. The purpose of the Songbirds is to inflict as much stagger as quickly as possible so that the Gatlings can deal consistent damage. You should also equip yourself with a set of spider legs. The second phase of the boss fight requires you to maintain flight status.

During the beginning of the game, there are a few attacks you should be on the lookout for. The first is a concentrated attack in which it raises its front legs and slams the ground with two blades. If you’re swift enough, you can get under or behind it as it winds up and deal free damage. The second is a powerful laser shot that recharges once the creature retreats. You need just time a roll to avoid being hit by the explosion.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat Sea Spider

The Sea Spider enters its second phase after it takes to the air and begins sending out waves of energy. You can maintain your height and distance from the enemy by using your spider legs. Let your Songbirds do the heavy lifting until it is staggered, then close in. The boss’s twirling sawblade arms are the only real threat in this second phase. Soar far away from this or you will surely perish if you get caught in it. If you study hard enough, you can easily win.

Attacks to Beat Sea Spider

Phase 1:

In battle, the Sea Spider relies heavily on energy weaponry. While in midair, it can unleash a whirling volley of lasers, and when it falls, it can fire focused bursts from its turret. It can also charge a beam that can sweep either horizontally or vertically and do massive damage if it makes contact.

The rotating shot it fires mid-jump is easiest avoided by remaining close to the Sea Spider, and the concentrated bursts can be deflected utilizing rapid boost to move left or right. Players should keep an eye out for how it initiates attacks when preparing a beam. It will conduct a horizontal sweep if it is initially aimed to the left or right of the player, which can be avoided by gaining altitude. If you can’t get out of its way, it will perform a vertical sweep, which can be avoided by moving laterally.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat Sea Spider

In addition to the vertical sweep, it will occasionally charge up a bolt, which can be avoided in the same way, but is always followed by a second bolt, requiring a second avoidance action shortly after the first. After being launched into the air, the Sea Spider’s bolts will eventually fall back to Earth like rain. The Sea Spider’s attacks lack effective homing, therefore it is essential to stay on the move to evade them.

With its laser blades protruding from its front legs, the Sea Spider is capable of a devastating melee strike. If you quickly boost forward at a diagonal, the AC will go under the Spider and to the side when it descends, allowing you to avoid getting stung. Quickly boosting rearward at the same time is another way to avoid it. It can also do a ground slam after hovering, which is best avoided by boosting away from it as soon as it starts to hover.

Phase 2:

After losing around a third of its health, a Sea Spider will take to the air and spin erratically as it flies. At this stage, it will launch a destructive laser blast from its center, causing a massive explosion. The safest way to escape getting hit by its bullets is to take to the air as soon as possible.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat Sea Spider

It will also twist its legs and propel ahead, emitting laser blades from its legs. Avoiding this attack is as easy as rising above the Sea Spider while it is making this motion. The Sea Spider’s laser fire can be evaded by constantly changing your position on the ground or in the air throughout this phase.


What is the sea spider weak to in Armored Core 6?

The Sea Spider is easily defeated by an AC armed with a SONGBIRDS grenade launcher or a 10-cell missile launcher, both of which are susceptible to the ACS Strain.

How do you beat the spider boss in Armored Core?

The most effective strategy for defeating the Sea Spider monster is to maintain a high ground position at a safe distance in order to inflict frequent stagger damage. The optimal chassis for this fight is one based on Tetrapod or Reverse Joint Leg components.

How do you unlock all parts in Armored Core 6?

Several components of Armored Core 6 are unavailable commercially. Completing Training Missions is one option for obtaining these pieces. There are Hidden Parts hidden throughout the missions of Armored Core 6, and even more can be unlocked by completing the LOGHUNT program, playing New Game Plus, or locating Combat Logs.

How do you unlock Ludlow Armored Core 6?

Acquisition. After completing the Beginner Training 1: Basic Controls course, you will receive a free copy of this weapon for the right arm, while a copy for the left arm can be purchased from the Parts Shop for 45,000 COAM.