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Tchia: How to Destroy Meavora Statues


Tchia is a huge, explorable space. Sailing through an archipelago heavily influenced by New Caledonia, players will meet fascinating new people and see breathtaking new places. They’ll be able to try out the game’s distinctive mechanic, soul-jumping, which gives the protagonist temporary control over an inanimate object or animal. One of the many items for gamers to discover in Tchia the Meavora Statues. How to Destroy Meavora Statues in Tchia is the Subject of This Piece.

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How to Destroy Meavora Statues

The only thing to do now, after this devastating turn of events, is to go out and look for your dad. As you go out on this vital task, you will have side quests to accomplish to earn rewards and advance Tchia’s level. Finding and destroying all of the Meavora Statues in New Caledonia is one of the objectives you must complete.

Tchia: How to Destroy Meavora Statues

These sculptures can be found throughout the show and marked on a map when you do. While exploring the islands, you will come upon one of the 10 Meavora statues dispersed over New Caledonia. These statues are typically a glowing emerald green and are displayed on a pedestal or hidden away.

Tchia: How to Destroy Meavora Statues

Destroying Meavora Statues requires a few skills and some materials. Here are some of them:

  • Things to bring: an oil lamp, a gas canister, or maybe just some cow poop, and
  • Soul-Jumping and Soul-Throwing abilities are required.

Once you’ve located one of the statuettes, access your inventory (by pressing R1) and choose an explosive item from the rotating selection. Soul-Jump into the item (L1), line up your aim with your Meavora target, and then Soul-Throw (R2) the object at them.

Tchia: How to Destroy Meavora Statues

When you reach the area, an enormous explosion will occur, and the statue will be reduced to rubble. In the action-adventure game Tchia, there concludes the walkthrough for obliterating all Meavora Statues.


Where can I find chicken eggs in Tchia?

In Tchia, the only way to get a chicken egg is to find a chicken. In Hunahmi, on Ija Nöj, you will meet chickens for the first time. The section of the settlement across the bridge from the Chief’s hut contains the coop where you can discover them. Soul-Jumping into a Chicken’s body is required upon discovery.

Can you fast travel in Tchia?

Unlocking quick travel points in Tchia is necessary for using them. There are a total of 10 docking locations (quick transit sites) on the map, where you can spawn your boat. It is necessary to go to the Dock in order to ‘find’ a new quick transit point.

Who is the main character in Tchia?

The protagonist of Tchia, a New Caledonia-inspired tale, sets out to find her kidnapped father and restore ecological balance to an imaginary archipelago.

What language is spoken in Tchia?

Tchia has sequences that are completely dubbed in both French and Drehu, an indigenous language that is spoken on the islands. In addition to that, it uses voice acting and music performed by locals so that the game can maintain its sense of authenticity.