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ASRock Rack AM5D4ID-2T/BCM Quad DDR5 Mini-ITX Motherboard


The server and workstation company ASRock Rack, which has its headquarters in Taiwan, has made an announcement on the launch of a brand new motherboard that goes by the name AM5D4ID-2T/BCM. The Ryzen 7000 CPU family can be used with this motherboard because it is compatible with that family. The ASRock Rack AM5D4ID-2T/BCM is an advanced motherboard that employs the Deep Mini-ITX form factor. It is available from ASRock. Because it uses the Deep Mini-ITX form factor, it has a greater depth than the conventional Mini-ITX motherboards. This is owing to the fact that the Deep Mini-ITX form factor.

Because of the method in which this architecture was created, it is feasible to incorporate a maximum of four DDR5 memory slots, each of which can store up to 32GB of memory individually, for a total capacity of up to 128GB. Because it is equipped with a KNOLL3 X300 chipset and an AM5 socket, this motherboard is suitable for use with central processing units (CPUs) that have a thermal design power (TDP) of either 120W or 170W, depending on whether they are cooled by air or water. On this motherboard, potential storage locations include a single M.2 2280 slot that operates on PCI Express 5.0, as well as an OCulink slot that operates on PCI Express 4.0 x 2; both of these slots are present.

In terms of its connectivity to networks, it features twin Broadcom BCM57416 10 Gigabit LAN ports in addition to a single management Gigabit LAN port. This is in addition to a single management Gigabit LAN port. The ASPEED AST2600 serves as both the display controller and the management controller, and it gives users the option to output their signal using either D-Sub or HDMI. The interface on the back of the device is equipped with two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A connections. This interface is positioned on the back of the device.