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Forspoken – How to Unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify


Forspoken offers three different kinds of Lightning spells: Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify. However, you’ll need to locate each of their unique Founts of Blessing before you can use them. These spells will aid Frey on her trip across Athia in Forspoken, as will the ones she gains from levelling up her skill tree and the new magic sets she gets from defeating the Tantas. Therefore, the following post will walk you through how to enable Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify in Forspoken:

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How to Unlock

You can find the Spells of Suppression, Diversify, and Spoof in Forspoken in Founts of Blessing in Avoalet and Junoon. To reach these areas and other magic abilities that facilitate movement (such as Zip and Glide), you should, at the very least, carry out more campaign advancements. In addition, even though Junoon is the initial area you encounter in the game, its further zones feature more difficult opponents.

Unlock Spoof

  • Location: Physic Garden, Junoon You must ascend the walls of Junoon Castle to reach the zone, which is northeast of Cipalian Way. The Refuge should then be seen atop a hill. You reach the Fount of Blessing by way of the adjacent ravine.

Forspoken - How to Unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify

  • Effect: To escape and leave an illusion of your character, backflip.

Forspoken - How to Unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify

  • Challenge for Spellcraft Upgrade: During battle, use Spoof ten times.

Unlock Suppression

  • Location: The Moulderings in Avoalet To the east of Samum Coast/Avoalet Castle, via a Glide across the lake, is a Belfry. Proceed to the opposite shore, the Moulderings zone, from there. Since you have to travel to the southeast of the zone and pass via valleys and mountain trails, the hike may take some time.

Forspoken - How to Unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify

  • Impact: Disguise yourself as someone else to keep adversaries from recognising you. The impression will be broken by any abrupt movements (such as dashing, avoiding, or attacking).

Forspoken - How to Unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify

  • Upgrade your spellcraft by using Photo Mode while under Suppression.

Unlock Diversify

Location: Crosstide Coast, Junoon The Physic Garden is to the west of this. A belfry will be visible to you in the center of the lake. Beyond that lies a mist-covered mountain pass, which is understandable given that it is tainted with nightmares. The main points are as follows:

Forspoken - How to Unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify

  • Proceed along the inclining trail and enter the fort.
  • A gate that opens into a canyon is located to the left.
  • Ascending the canyon in a round will reveal ledges and platforms. Utilising your traversal abilities is the aim here (i.e., Skip/Float and definitely Zip).
  • This leads to the slope on the other side, from which you can eventually grapple to cross the opening.


What is the suppression spell in Forspoken?

Until you move, the enemy cannot see Frey because of the support spell Suppression. Since it resembles one of Senseless Savant’s skills, it is only available after the end of Chapter 11 and is thus a component of Olas’s Magic.

Where do you learn rush in Forspoken?

When it comes to having the best parkour skills in Forspoken, Rush is comparable to Flow’s older sibling. The Golden Hills of Avoalet are home to the Fount of Blessing, which is a Fire spell. Players must use their corresponding Fount of Blessing to unlock them, just like they do with other spells.

How do you unlock more spells in Forspoken?

Once you have enough Mana, you can use these spells. Levelling up, finishing Flashbacks, unlocking Locked Labyrinths, and approaching luminous Mana Pools throughout Athia are all ways to gain mana.

What is the highest level in Forspoken?

By exploring Athia, eliminating enemies, and advancing through the main plot, you can level up Frey’s stats until you hit the level cap at 99.

Is cuff a villain in Forspoken?

The magical, sentient bracelet known as Cuff aids Frey in navigating the vast terrain of Athia; however, it is eventually discovered that Cuff is actually the weakened, imprisoned form of the demon Susurrus. He begins Asspoken as the deuteragonist and ends as the real major antagonist.

What is purple magic in Forspoken?

Frey’s own magic, grounded on the earth element, is called purple magic. She also has access to their signature magic after killing a Tanta. For example, she will acquire fire-based magic after vanquishing Tanta Sila.