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Atlas Guide – How To Balance Your Vitamins


In your journey to explore the new lands and fighting with some pirates in Atlas, you will need to eat in order to refill your hunger. But it’s not that simple anyway, instead, you also have to maintain your food and balance your vitamins.

This time, I will guide you on how to balance your vitamins in Atlas. Now don’t think that it’s an easy thing to do, because if you have no clues on what you should eat, then it will make harder for you to survive in the game itself.

How To Balance Your Vitamins?

There are four categories of vitamins in Atlas which you need to maintain for the balance. For that, you need to learn more about the food items which present in each of these categories. You will find the four categories of vitamins in the Vitamin Meter on your HUD.

What’s The Vitamin Meter?

Vitamin Meter is a graphic which features four different colored lines, located on the right-hand side of the screen. In time, each of these bars will slowly decrease and require you to eat the food items which provide those specific vitamins.

To be noted, if you’re careless with your vitamins balanced, then you will end up with Vitamin Deficiency position, which can lead to various debuffs. This will make it difficult for you to survive and carry on your journey in the game.

You can learn about the four categories of vitamins which shown in Vitamin Meter below:

  • Vitamin A is the first line with a yellowish-green color, once it decreases, you can refill this line by eating vegetables like Mint, Oregano, Wild Car, Oats and other similar food items which you can find out in the game
  • Vitamin B is the second line with a purple color, once it decreases, you can refill this line by eating Animal Meat or Prime Meat, make sure you cook the meat first before you eat, since it will cause small amounts of damage for each piece if you eat them in raw
  • Vitamin C is the third line with an orange color, once it decreases, you can refill this line by eating berries like Elderberries, Acai, Blackberries, and Strawberries
  • Vitamin D is the final line with a light blue color, once it decreases, you can refill this line by eating Fish Meat, and make sure you cook them first, as the same situation like Animal Meat,  it will cause small amounts of damage for each piece if you eat them in raw, and of course, you will need to learn on how to fish as well

Balancing Your Vitamins Levels

Now that you understand what’s Vitamin Meter, you need to keep your vitamin bars as close to the center of the lines as possible and keep them around the same level as often as you can. Keep in mind that you need to balance your vitamins levels in the game. Why?

Because, too little of any vitamin will be a bad thing for you, and instead, having too much of a vitamin is also harmful to your health and will strike you with some very annoying debuffs in the game, which will be noted by an icon of four checks in the bottom right-hand section of the screen.

Two tips from me to balance your vitamins in the game:

  1. Keep the food from every vitamin type on you, this will allow you to more accurately balance your vitamins out.
  2. Eat one piece of food from every vitamin group when you have to eat. This way will make it much easier to keep things balanced out, and allows you to reach peak vitamin efficiency.

Well then, now you have learned how to balance your vitamins, then you should be ready to sail the seas with your ship and explore the game to reach the max levels.

Anyway, have you build your ship yet? In case if you haven’t build it, then you can follow our guide to get a sloop faster in Atlas.

Have a nice journey!

Atlas is currently available exclusively on PC.

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