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Starfield – How to Assign Crew to Outpost


A major aspect of the fantasy in Starfield is collecting and allocating crew members to your spacecraft and, eventually, your outposts. The game is about exploring the unexplored regions of space. Setting up a mining operation on a planet or moon involves building an outpost and placing one or two crew men there to supervise the extraction of minerals on a large scale. You can learn how to allocate crew to an outpost in Starfield by reading this article:

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How to Create A Crew Station

You must have a Crew Station on your outpost to send crew members to outposts. How to make this module for your outpost is provided here.

  • Open the scanner (F) and navigate to the Outpost builder UI (R) to craft a Crew Station.
  • To access the Miscellaneous area (top right), click C continuously after entering Build Mode by hitting TAB.
  • Here is where you will find the Crew Station; press E to create it.
  • Once more, press E to verify your selection.

Starfield - How to Assign Crew to Outpost

How to Assign Crew to Outpost

You have to land on a planet that is habitable before you may send crew to an outpost in Starfield. Press LB to launch your scanner on the planet’s surface, then position an Outpost Beacon with the X button to accomplish this. Additionally, you are not limited to a single outpost in Starfield; you can establish several and distribute your crew among them as needed.

When you have an outpost, you must construct and establish a crew station there to provide your friends with a new living location. It costs two iron, five aluminum, and three nickel to build a crew station, so make sure you’ve mined or harvested those resources. You can access the “Crew” panel by opening the main menu, selecting the ship submenu in the lower left corner, and pressing the Y button after setting up a crew station at your outpost.

Starfield - How to Assign Crew to Outpost

Here, you can use the A button to choose the crew member you wish to assign to an outpost. This will cause a new submenu to appear with all of your available outposts. You will be allowed to station your crew members at the on-site crew station at your outpost. Building more crew stations and improving your Outpost Management skills—which, at the third rank, permits you to send more personnel to an outpost—are required to assign more crew to an outpost.


Can you romance in Starfield?

Starfield allows you to fall in love with companions along the way, just like a lot other popular RPGs. However, romance in Starfield has numerous uses beyond roleplaying; it can lead to frequent gifts, the discovery of fascinating new tasks, and even a sizable XP bonus that will accelerate your leveling.

How many people can I assign to an outpost Starfield?

At first, gamers can only have three crew members that are actively working at once. They can raise this to four, though, by gaining the Ship Command skill from the Social skill tree.

Why is my max crew not going up Starfield?

You must upgrade various parts of your ship with modules that raise your maximum crew capacity in order to improve your ship’s crew capacity in Starfield. You should also raise the rank of your “Ship Command” talent to the highest level.

Who is the best pilot to hire in Starfield?

A competent pilot is essential while selecting your ship’s crew in Starfield. Sam Coe ought to be at the top of the list because of this. Coe belongs to one of the groups in the game, the Freestar Collective. This character has a level four in Piloting and several other relevant talents.

Where should I put my first outpost Starfield?

One of the first and greatest outpost options for Starfield was in the Sol system, on Callisto. The planet has enormous sources of Iron and Helium-3, which you’ll need in large quantities during the game, and the area is accessible early.