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Atomic Heart – How to Run Faster


One of those essential aspects that players now take for granted is the ability to run in games; many assume that every game has a sprint option. However, P-3 moves more quickly by default when moving forward, and several upgrade options can also increase its speed. But in Atomic Heart, players struggle to learn how to sprint or run. You will learn how to run faster in an atomic heart by reading this article:

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Is there a Run or Sprint Function?

Because there isn’t a sprint or run option, Atomic Heart doesn’t instruct you on how to sprint or run. There is no button for you to run in Atomic Heart, despite our occasional habit of hitting the B or A button on a joystick to quicken our pace. To experience a brief surge, you can employ a dodge mechanic.

Atomic Heart - How to Run Faster

You can utilize the dodge function to sprint forward or to evade an approaching assault by dashing in a particular direction. Circle on the DualShock and B on the Xbox controller correspond to the dodge button.

How to Run Faster

Go to a NORA upgrade station and the “Character” (you) upgrade tree in Atomic Heart to accelerate your movement and almost sprint. The improvement you wish to purchase is Morning Exercise, which costs 80 Neuropolymer and is located in the middle of the top row of upgrades.

Atomic Heart - How to Run Faster

Your normal run will now be a little bit faster, but it doesn’t actually unlock a sprint feature. Instead, it only speeds up your base movement. When traveling straight ahead rather than strafing, P-3 does inherently move more quickly. Keep this in mind when you navigate Facility 3826.


Is there a way to fast travel Atomic Heart?

Sadly, fast transit is not possible in Atomic Heart; therefore, using a car is the fastest way to go from point A to point B. Though it’s sad if you were hoping to avoid all the robots after you, at least you can observe your surroundings, which are really rather amazing.

Can you sprint in Atomic Hearts?

Because Atomic Heart doesn’t give you the ability to sprint, your movement pace is essentially constant throughout the game, no matter what circumstances arise. As a result, you’ll discover that spending money on Morning Exercise can significantly impact how quickly you advance through the levels.

Are there secrets in Atomic Heart?

You can explore a number of secret labs that have been abandoned in Atomic Heart. These labs hold Easter eggs and secret information that sheds light on the game’s lore and plot. You might want to spend a little more time in these regions if you enjoy exploring, as some of these secrets might be hard to locate.

Can you manually save Atomic Heart?

There is a save station in these rooms where you can manually save by pressing R1/RB. Additionally, they typically have a container where players can find loot. At checkpoints and at the start of each level, Atomic Heart will continue to automatically save.

Can you smash the robots in Atomic Heart?

Never has destroying robots and robbing their bodies looked so good. In Atomic Heart, you’ll be taking out a lot of robots. To protect yourself, you’ll have to split them in two or rip them limb from limb.