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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Start Echoes of the Fallen


The first of two expansions, Echoes of the Fallen, follows Clive and his friends as they venture into a brand-new dungeon full of challenging boss battles and sinister mysteries. Some players might be curious about how to begin the Echoes of the Fallen DLC after purchasing the expansion, and if they must finish Final Fantasy 16’s main plot before they can begin. This guide will walk you through the process of opening Echoes of the Fallen in Final Fantasy XVI:

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When Can You Start Echoes Of The Fallen?

It won’t launch until you’ve fulfilled a few requirements once you pay $9.99 for the Echoes of the Fallen DLC or $24.99 for the expansion pass. Before beginning this quest, you need to have finished the side missions “Priceless” and “Where There’s A Will,” as well as unlocked Origin on the world map. After completing these three tasks, speaking with Charon at the Hideaway will start the Echoes of the Fallen tale.

How to Start Echoes of the Fallen

Players must speak with Charon and choose the Echoes of the Fallen conversation option in order to begin the Echoes of the Fallen DLC. For those who don’t know, Charon is located in the middle of Cid’s Hideaway, behind the counter at Charon’s Toll.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Start Echoes of the Fallen

But players won’t be able to access the previously stated dialog option until they fulfill a few prerequisites and advance to a specific point in the story. Players must first finish the “Where There’s a Will” and “Priceless” side quests and advance through the main plot until they unlock Origin on the world map in order to begin the Echoes of the Fallen DLC.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Start Echoes of the Fallen

After completing them, Joshua and Jill, respectively, will become permanent members of Clive’s group, which is significant when the FF16 DLC begins a bit later. The majority of the opponents in Echoes of the Fallen are roughly level 50, so players might wish to level Clive up a little.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Start Echoes of the Fallen

Although players won’t have access to Origin until almost the very end of the game’s main campaign, most will thankfully already be close to the Final Fantasy 16 level cap by the time they acquire the DLC.  When in Final Fantasy mode, enemies are considerably more powerful; yet, by the time players fulfill the Echoes of the Fallen unlock criteria, they shouldn’t fall too far behind.


How do you get the priceless side quest in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, you can start the side mission Priceless at any point throughout the main quest Back to Their Origin. The Where There’s a Will side quest must be finished before accepting the mission, which you can accept from the Reading Table in The Hideaway. An item for the Wall of Memories can be unlocked by completing the mission.

How many eikons are there in ff16?

In Valisthea, there are eight Eikons: Odin, Bahamut, Ramuh, Ifrit, Phoenix, Shiva, Titan, and Garuda. There are two Eikons of fire and no Eikons of water, although each Eikon depicts an element, such as wind or lightning.

Why is there no Leviathan in FF16?

There is a lot of history and lore in the world of Final Fantasy 16, where Dominants are important players in politics and have influence over strong Eikons. One of the game’s missing Eikons, Leviathan, is a big mystery. Its absence might result from the crystal’s disintegration and the possible elimination of its Dominant.

Who is the best Eikon in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, Titan and Odin are two of the most potent and practical Eikon classes. Players can continually use Titan’s natural counter to thwart opponent offensives because it results in significant stagger damage and a time stop.

Who is the strongest summon in ff16?

It’s understandable why Bahamut is Final Fantasy 16’s most powerful eikon. The King of all Dragons is one of the hardest and most memorable boss fights in the entire game because of his intimidating presence, which has been exploited often to change the course of battle.

Who is the main character in ff16?

The firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria, Clive Rosfield, is the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI. He is a skilled bladeworker who gains new skills from interactions with Eikons, strong entities capable of wreaking havoc.