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Baldur’s Gate 3: Chamber of Strategy Puzzle Explained


Secret riddles let players find hidden incentives while playing. It breaks up their questing. This can refresh a game’s main mechanics. Baldur’s Gate 3 includes many challenging challenges, but Wyrmway has four unusual rooms. In addition to Strategy, Justice, Insight, and Courage Chambers exist. The Baldur’s Gate 3 chamber of strategy and how to attain it are explained here:

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What Is The Chamber Of Strategy?

The Chamber of Strategy is where your problem-solving skills will be put to the ultimate test. It does this by simulating a huge chess board and challenging players to achieve checkmate by strategically moving their pieces. You need not play a full game of chess to accomplish this. You need only observe the current condition of the board.

This may be a test of your brainpower, but you won’t need a Wizard or other character with a high Intelligence Ability to solve it. However, they can be of assistance by simply providing the solution. You must adhere to one rule: the dark king must be defeated in two.

How to Solve The Chamber Of Strategy

The Chamber of Strategy can be defeated with only two rounds of Chess and a checkmate; players need not know any battle spells or techniques to do it. Although the pieces in this BG3 chess puzzle are larger than life, the game’s rules are the same. If you want to pass the Chamber of Strategy on your first try, this strategy guide will show you exactly what to do on turns one and two.

Turn 1: Chamber of Strategy

Upon entering the Chamber of Strategy, players are tasked with checkmating the Purple King within two moves by interacting with the Statue of Balduran. In this variant, players assume control of the White pieces, which have been prepositioned at various locations on the board.

The enemy king is safe behind the Pawns and Rook on the right side of the board. However, the Queen has already been placed on the opposite side of the board. The Queen has infinite freedom of movement in both diagonal and direct routes.

Baldur's Gate 3: Chamber of Strategy Puzzle Explained

Select the Queen by clicking on her, and then choose the Pawn two squares to the King’s right. As the Queen moves forward to capture the Pawn, the opponent King will retreat to the left, hiding behind the Pawn on the board.

Turn 2: Chamber of Strategy

Players must employ their Queen again on Turn 2 of the Chess puzzle in the Chamber of Strategy. One White Bishop is stationed at the center of the board, ready to capture the Pawn in front of the King. This Bishop, however, is immobile and is only present for cover.

Make a diagonal move with the Queen to capture the Pawn in front of the Purple King. The only way for the opponent to avoid losing the Queen and King in the Check is to escape. The King is now in the line of sight of the player’s Bishop, although this is a disadvantage.

Baldur's Gate 3: Chamber of Strategy Puzzle Explained

Once the Queen is placed here, the Challenge will end in a checkmate. The simplest solution to the BG3 Chess conundrum is a single move: the Queen takes both Pawns. However, there are almost certainly many alternative methods to achieve checkmate in this position.


How do you beat the Chamber of Insight BG3?

Suelto’s opinion stands out as the most damaging and violent of the three, regardless of the player’s own beliefs. Players should therefore aim their attacks toward the Suelto mirage. If the party does this, the statue of Balduran will be pleased, and the Trial of Insight will be successfully completed.

Should you mutilate the brain in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Therefore, we advocate for setting this new kind of life free rather than harming it in any way. When you first start playing Baldur’s Gate 3, your only real advantage is Us, a limited but powerful buddy who can be controlled and who has a lot of health and some good melee attacks that can match several of the common weapons.

Can you actually remove the parasite baldurs Gate 3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Illithid Tadpole parasites cannot be eradicated at this time. The catch is that you have a few different paths to take on this ‘Remove the Parasite’ quest once you’ve initiated it. How your story develops in the future depends on the decisions you make and the breaks you catch.

Can you become a Mind Flayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

It also implies the player is at risk of becoming a mind flayer, an unpleasant transformation that causes them to lose the support of many of their allies in Baldur’s Gate 3. To prevent being transformed into a mind flayer, players should ignore directives from other mind flayers and True Souls.