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Starfield: A Legacy Forged Guide


Starfield’s final assignment for the United Colonies Vanguard side presents players with a fork in the road. This walkthrough aims to ease players’ minds by providing all possible outcomes for the A Legacy Forged quest, including how to deal with Vae Victis and whether to side with Aceles or Microbes against the overarching Terramorph threat in Starfield. Learn about a starfield legacy crafted guide in this post.

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Speak With Vae Victis

You need just continue on the United Colonies quest line to obtain this assignment. At some point in this quest chain, you will find out that the Terrormorph invasion on New Atlantis may have been foreseen. This knowledge will be gained from the previous voyage to Londinion. Travel to New Atlantis, located on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system, as soon as the mission becomes available.

If you want to move the mission along, you’ll have to see Vae Victis in his cell. After you have safely landed, proceed to the United Colonies headquarters. Follow the signs for the elevators, which are located behind the front desk once you pass through the main doors. The seventh floor can be reached by using the elevator’s floor control to pick “Subsection Seven” from the available floors.

Starfield: A Legacy Forged Guide

When you get to your floor, walk straight ahead until you see a set of containers. At this fork, bear right; proceed straight until you reach a door you can enter. A window may be found to the right of this door. Go through the door when it opens and continue down the hall. You’ll then enter a second door, walk past a railing, and leap to your safety.

An intercom sits on top of a white table. Use this intercom to communicate. A conversation with Vae Victus will begin at this point. Complete this scene by working through its various dialogue possibilities. A new task object with the title “Converse with Hadrian and Percival” will be created.

Speak With Major Hadrian Sanon

Retrace your steps back through the entrance by the window and exit the building by the second door on the left. Follow this path, and you’ll eventually reach the lift. Take another spin at the floor switch and select “Cabinet Chambers/Interstellar Affairs” this time. As soon as the elevator doors open, your eyes will be drawn to a giant United Colonies logo flanked by a number of banners.

Follow the signs for the “Office of Interstellar Affairs” and turn left at the first opportunity. Enter the chamber via the space between the door and the wall. As you enter the chamber, there is a second door on your left that is also open. Major Hadrian Sanon can be found just beyond this door. Commune with her. There is wonderful news regarding Terrormorphs, and she will share it with you. To move the conversation along, tell her that Vae Victis has made a confession.

Starfield: A Legacy Forged Guide

Your current aim will be complete once this discussion is finished, and you will be given “Address The Cabinet” as your next active objective. Proceed out the door you entered the room through and the door before that. On the other side of this door is a set of steps leading upwards. Proceed up these steps and turn right to reach a platform where you can stand to initiate a conversation with the Cabinet.

Addressing The Cabinet

They’ll say they’ve read Major Hadrian Sanon’s report and understand New Atlantis was attacked ahead of time. At some point in the conversation, you’ll be able to let them know that Vae Victis was actually responsible for the attack. The Cabinet will then ask for evidence to back up your claim. Thankfully, you’ll have the emergency recorder recordings from an earlier adventure with you. The Cabinet should hear the recording.

Starfield: A Legacy Forged Guide

Once they hear it, they will know it’s you and have security come get the recorder from you to prevent any more confusion. They will express their gratitude toward you. However, we still have some business to attend to, so this is not quite over. They’ll talk about how to hide the Lazarus Plant discovered on the last trip.

Do not only agree that the plant must be eliminated; argue against it. When asked why, explain that it’s to prove that the United Colonies don’t intend to exploit the plant for their own benefit. They’ll be eternally grateful to you. When the last item has been covered, it’s time to thank the Cabinet and call it a day.


Should you tell the cabinet about Vae Victis?

If you let him out of prison, he’ll disappear, and you won’t be able to continue his questline until you find him again. In any case, you’ll be rewarded by the UC Cabinet with the status of Class One Citizen, 100,000 credits, and a free penthouse in New Atlantis.

What happens if you tell Vae Victis is alive?

Suppose you tell the Cabinet that Vae Victis was responsible for the Terrormorph breakout in Tau Ceti and New Atlantis. In that case, they will eliminate him immediately, and your United Colonies faction mission will be complete.

How many hours of gameplay will Starfield have?

You may finish the game in as little as 23 hours if you skip all of the cutscenes and focus solely on gameplay. More like 60 hours if you want to take your time with the game, doing side missions and exploring.

How many endings does Starfield have?

At some point, every Starfield explorer will reach the game’s conclusion and discover how intricately the narrative weaves together the game’s overarching themes. There is only one possible conclusion to the story, but the choices you make along the way will have a significant impact on how it unfolds.