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Battlefield 2042 Reportedly Led To “Valuable Lessons” For EA and DICE


According to reports, the publication of Battlefield 2042 has resulted in difficult lessons being learned and significant adjustments being implemented within DICE and Electronic Arts. When Battlefield 2042 was first released, it was panned by critics and fans alike for a variety of reasons, including a problematic launch, bad design decisions, and other issues. Despite the fact that DICE had a few bumpy releases before to Battlefield 2042, this one was a little more painful. It was the first modern-day entry in the series since Battlefield 4 in 2013, and it was billed as a “massive love letter to Battlefield fans everywhere.” Unfortunately, for many, it was a disappointing experience that left a terrible taste in their mouth.

It appears that a similar vibe hangs over DICE and Electronic Arts. A recent study from XFire claims that the team gained some “important lessons” from their experience with Battlefield 2042. In an unidentified source’s statement, they expressed their belief that the team will be rolling back a lot of the modifications they made in Battlefield 2042, although it’s unclear what exactly they meant by that. Some fans were dissatisfied with the game’s 128-player capacity, claiming that the maps were inadequately designed to support it, while others were dissatisfied with the specialized system. The Battlefield brand has always included a variety of roles, but specialists were perceived as having come from hero shooters and thus did not belong in Battlefield. Although there have been reports that the next Battlefield game will be a hero shooter that built on the specialists idea, this may now be radically revised in the next months.

It’s important to remember that all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s also not difficult to see a series-wide course adjustment. EA has to win back a significant number of fans following Battlefield 2042, but it’s not obvious how it can accomplish this. It can’t precisely recreate the “love letter” marketing strategy because it failed the first time around. EA, on the other hand, is devoted to seeing Battlefield succeed and wants to see it continue. As of right now, it’s unclear when the next instalment will be released, but EA will almost certainly take its time before shoving one out the door to the public.