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Sierra founders got ‘bored’ in lockdown so they’re making their first new game in more than 20 years


Colossal Cave will be a graphical version of the classic text adventure Colossal Cave, developed by Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of pioneering game production business Sierra Online.

When Colossal Cave 3D was originally revealed last year, several fans speculated that it would be a remake of an old Sierra game. However, this was not the case. It does, however, originate from around the same time period: The original game, designed by Will Crowther and Don Woods, was launched in 1976, just a few years before Sierra’s creation in 1979. It was the first Sierra game. In terms of gameplay, the new version will be nearly identical to the original, sending players on an adventure for treasure through 143 subterranean locations that are home to creatures such as dwarves and trolls as well as dragons and bears. However, the new version will be fully graphical this time around.

According to Ken Williams, “We have entirely rebuilt Colossal Cave for the millions of fans who grew up with it as well as for a new generation of game players.” According to the developers, “it takes place in a completely immersive 3D and VR environment for a genuine cave adventure experience aimed for the entire family.”

Roberta Williams admitted to PC Gamer that she and Ken “were locked down like everyone else. To keep him entertained, I suggested that he turn his penchant for Sierra into a novel. Ken decided to study Unity and build a game as a result of the book writing process bringing up long-forgotten memories. “We had no desire to start a new business.” For some reason, I came up with the notion of making a tribute to the game that had an enormous impact on my life.

After a while, though, they began to see why the original game was so successful in the first place. Roberta described the game as “definitely an adventure game, but it also includes action components, comedy, charming and interesting characters, is terrifying in moments, has a point system, and is really tough.” Roberta said. This is a significantly superior game to their first expectations! When they first started, they had no idea how much more there was to learn. To answer the question of why is the URL to their website, No matter how well-known “face” Roberta is, it’s easy to understand: “Since Ken has been operating the blog he swiftly developed the URL, but this is certainly a collaborative effort! “, says Ken.