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Battlefield 5 Mercury Map Revealed with Action-Packed Trailer 2019


As Trial by Fire proceeds in Battlefield 5, the game is going to get an absolutely new guide set in the Mediterranean; Mercury. The first of two such up and coming Battlefield 5 maps, ongoing interaction from Mercury was uncovered in the game’s most recent trailer, which as of late discharged on the web. Mercury is because of coming to Battlefield 5 on the 30th of May, in only two or three days’ time.

The Battlefield 5 Mercury Map Revealed

“In light of the occasions of Operation Mercury in 1941,” clarifies DICE; “this guide gives you a chance to convey on the shore of Crete where the British interpretation of the attacking German powers. Ongoing interaction astute, Mercury is about verticality, hard and fast war, and topsy-turvy vehicle powers; British troops have tanks and just a few planes while Germans will control the skies. Influence the rough slants for extraordinary vertical ongoing interaction and lacking elbow room interactivity.”

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