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Beatles Movie ‘Yesterday’ Trailer Revealed, Cast and Everything you need to know



Yesterday is the dream satire film about The Beatles; it stars Himesh Patel, the EastEnders on-screen character. It pursues the narrative of a battling performer called Jack, who faces a daily reality such that nobody knows anything about the Beatles. Recently, the film originated from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis. What Yesterday is significantly a melodic dream parody including Jack’s story? He has so far been a fruitless artist, and an auto collision completely changes him. After he awakens, he understood he’s the main individual on the planet who recalls all the Beatles’ melodies. Thus he plays out the majority of their melodies, as his own over the urban areas, for example, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Liverpool. He turns into a moment star and in the meantime stands a danger of losing his closest companion.

Recently the motion picture will hit the UK and US films on 28th June 2019. Here look at the trailer for the movie:

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