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Beautiful and Best Places to See in Czech Republic


The Czech Republic, located in the heart of central Europe, is on the bucket list of many travel enthusiasts. And why shouldn’t it be? The Czech Republic is a true beauty with natural parks, magnificent preserves, and charming villages. With such historical treasures, it is a dream destination. So, let’s look at some of the best places to see in the Czech Republic this year!

The Czech Republic is a favorite destination for romantic getaways, family vacations, and independent tourists. In short, anyone looking for a unique life experience. Prague is the capital of this country and is widely popular. However, several other cities have a lot to offer in terms of beauty and history. You can read about all the beautiful cities of the Czech Republic and their specialties below. 

5 Best Places to See in Czech Republic

There are so many places when it comes to Czech Republic travel. But, you cannot visit each place on a single holiday. So, without research, you can know about the best places that will make your trip memorable. Check them out and plan out your travel in this amazing place. You will definitely fall in love with our list.

Some of the best places to see in Czech republic cities are as follows:

1. Prague

Prague is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful architectural attractions. For example, The huge Prague Castle, the bustling Charles Bridge, the famed Astronomical Clock in the Old Town. And the whimsical, art nouveau Dancing House. can all be found here. The city is also known for its delicious beers, bars, and beer halls. You should Make time for cultural activities when you’re not sipping a Beer. Or watch operas and symphonies draw enormous crowds. The best thing is that Prague is relatively affordable in comparison to other European cities.

Places to See in Prague

If you decide to visit Prague, you can do the following things:

  • Visit Prague Castle

This ancient castle is the largest complex in the world and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague. It was created in 880 AD, and only this fact makes any history fan go crazy. It is Prague’s most iconic landmark, standing magnificently on the hillside. And it dominates the skyline above the Lesser Town in the Castle District. St.  Vitus Cathedral is the most significant historic structure within the castle’s walls. Most importantly it is free for the public, so you don’t have to buy a ticket to see this beauty.

  • Watch a Sunset on Charles Bridge 

The Charles Bridge is one of the best locations to visit in Prague. It is at the top of every Prague visitor’s must-see list. It is a historic Gothic stone bridge that connects the Lesser Town and the Old Town and is Europe’s most iconic bridge. Architect Petr Parler designed this bridge, which is well-known for its excellent old statues. For example, the Statue of Holy Roman Sovereign Charles IV and the country’s most renowned saint, John of Nepomuk. Trust us; you would love the view from here, especially during sunset hours. 

  • See the Amazing National Museum 

The National Museum recently completed a seven-year makeover and now contains various valuable collections. They belong to a variety of areas such as anthropology, archaeology, mineralogy, and zoology. It is another of Prague’s well-known tourist attractions. The archaeological display is the museum’s highlight. It contains Roman items from the first and second centuries. Moreover, the Massive Bronze and Early Iron Age discoveries are also available to view in the archaeology section. Isn’t all of this tempting?

  • Go to the Dancing House

If you are not a big history fan, then this might interest you. Dancing House is one of Prague’s most recognized landmarks. The structure is being used as a working space. Visitors can get a bird’s-eye view and a drink at the rooftop French restaurant. However, you should visit this beautiful site while the weather is nice for the finest view. It is without a doubt one of the top tourist attractions in Prague.

  • Enjoy Art at The National Gallery 

The National Gallery, built-in 1925, is one of the most prominent locations to visit in Prague. It houses some of Europe’s most important and well-known art collections. The Veletrzni Palace houses many collections from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. Works by Czech and foreign artists, including Picasso and Monet, can be found here. Sculpture, fashion, applied arts, and photography is some of the other forms.

2. Brno

Brno is the capital of Moravia. It is one of the historic Czech regions with Bohemia and Czech Silesia. And has firmly established itself on the map of European city breaks. Brno has gained romantic nicknames such as ‘Little Vienna’ and the Hidden Heart of Europe. It is because it offers neo-Renaissance architecture, storybook castles, and the lovely Brno Lake. Below is our list of the best things to see and do in Brno:

  • Boat Ride on Brno Lake

Brno Lake is a reservoir on the Svratka River northwest of the city. It is a hotspot of activity during the summertime. You can sunbathe on the beachfront, canoe across the 3km stretch of water, or bike and hike around the perimeter. A fleet of steamboats cruises between crucial places. The best place to see is Veve Castle. Furthermore, it lies on the rocky shore at the opposite end of the city, being the main stop-off.

  • Go See the Amazing Špilberk Castle

King Pemysl Otakar II built this vast castle in the mid-13th century. However, it later became a prison for criminals and political prisoners. They brought them from all across the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Some of the famous prisoners were: The poet Silvio Pellico, Czech outlaw Václav Babinsk, and members of the Italian Carbonari. In today’s City Museum, you can explore the atmospheric vaulted passages and learn about Brno’s history. How cool, right?

  • Take a Stroll in Park Lužánky

Luánky, Brno’s largest and oldest park, was established in the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II, ruler of the Habsburg realms. The features of this romantic park are A wooden bridge across a man-made river, a stone-cherub fountain, and a neo-Renaissance edifice. The neo-renaissance was originally a casino. Other than these, there are playgrounds galore for youngsters. Moreover, there is also a pig enclosure where you might be lucky enough to encounter a piglet litter.

  • Enjoy Wine at Veveří Castle

Veve Castle is one of the largest and oldest castles in the Czech Republic. It has beautiful forest-shrouded towers that are visible from the lake. This Castle was most likely constructed 800 years ago. The purpose was to use it as a hunting lodge or farmstead for Moravian margraves, one of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown. You can explore its grounds, take a tour of the restored rooms with frescoes and weapons. Or go into the 15th-century wine cellar to savor products from the best Czech Republic winemakers.

3. Ostrava

Although it is the Czech Republic’s third-largest metropolis, the dynamic city of Ostrava is sometimes missed by tourists on the usual tourist itinerary. It’s a bummer, considering there are so many amazing things to see and do in Ostrava. From exploring subterranean coal mines to rafting down the Ostravice River and even partying at one of Europe’s top music festivals. A visit to Ostrava will always be a delightful surprise. Some of the amazing and best places to see in Czech Republic here are:

  • Experience the Coal Mines – Landek Park – Mining Museum

Landek Park’s mining museum is the largest in the Czech Republic. If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to go underground in a coal mine, now’s your opportunity. This 19th-century building has been transformed into an amazing interactive museum on the site of the former Anselm mine. 

The opportunity to ride down an elevator shaft and into a publicly renovated section of the underground coal mine is the true attraction here. A guide will lead you through the tunnel and demonstrate how difficult the conditions were for coal miners. Also, it is a fascinating glimpse into a world that few people get to see. And it is one of the most interesting locations to see in Ostrava.

  • Go See The Ostrava City Museum

The Ostrava City Museum is housed in a beautiful 16th-century villa. It features several excellent displays showcasing Ostrava’s broad and interesting past. Throughout the museum, old clothing, weaponry, pictures, and ceramics collected from around the region are expertly displayed. However, you must be prepared for long lines to watch the display on William Shakespeare. And on your walkout, don’t forget to look at the complex astronomical clock because it is a true work of art.

  • Science and Technology Museum – Svet Techniky 

The Svet Techniky, Science and Technology Museum is not just a great place to visit with kids. But it’s also a lot of fun for adults. This entirely interactive museum is spread out across three floors and is filled with hands-on activities. These are meant to teach everyone about many areas of science in an exciting way. You can spend hours strolling around, learning about physics, astronomy, and biology while having a great time. If you choose to go, check out the electric current drumming display for sure.

  • Silesian Ostrava Castle

The Silesian Ostrava Castle is located just outside the urban center. It was built in the late 13th century by a Těšín prince. The most intriguing aspect of the Silesian Ostrava Castle is that it has sunk by up to 16 meters over time. As a result of mine, tunnels collapsed deep underneath. While this has nearly destroyed it throughout time, it has managed to survive to the present day. You may even visit the Silesian Castle at night, which is a particularly eerie attraction for children.

Moreover, there is also a magnificent 16th-century tower that has been repaired for you to visit. And the entire complex has been renovated, making it incredibly stunning and reminiscent of stepping back in time.

4. Pilsen (Plzeň)

Pilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. It is well known for its Pilsner Urquell Brewery and as the origin of the Koda vehicle company. This city has plenty to do and see, as its designation as the 2015 European Capital of Culture confirms. 

Here is a list of the top places to visit when in Pilsen:

  • Visit the Gothic Saint Bartholomew Cathedral 

Saint Bartholomew Cathedral, with its unique tall spire, was a complete building in the late 13th century. The design was of a cathedral in 1993, along with the Pilsner diocese and its bishop. It is located in the heart of the main square of the city. And for a little fee, you may climb the few steps to the top of the tower and enjoy a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city. Also, remember to go around the square below because you’ll find several ancient structures there. Furthermore, you have to see a beautifully painted town hall from the Renaissance period. Do visit this place as it is one of the best places to see in Czech Republic. 

  • Watch the J.K. Tyl Theater

If you want to get a taste of Pilsen culture, check out the J.K. Tyl Theater’s performance. Several local troupes of actors, dancers, opera singers, and musicians play here regularly. The beautiful Renaissance edifice will enhance the experience. It is with a traditional, rounded, red and gold theatre and crystal chandelier. The artists’ talent here will quickly convince you that Pilsen’s title as European Capital of Culture is highly deserving.

  • Explore Pilsen’s Historic Underground

Do you want to see Pilsen’s hidden underground maze of corridors, cellars, and wells? If yes, then this is a must-see place. It spans down over nine kilometers beneath the city’s oldest areas. You can learn about Pilsen’s underground and overground history dating back to the early Middle Ages. And you can see the city’s beer-making past. This is an excellent activity if you enjoy hearing amazing local anecdotes or visiting dark, secluded areas. But, remember to bring a jumper because conditions are chilly below ground. 

  • Be Amazed by the Zoo and Botanical Gardens

This is the Czech Republic’s second oldest and largest zoo. It is where the conditions of various bio-geographic regions of the world are simulated to guarantee. So, that the animals live as close to their natural habitat as possible. You may witness unusual species, including the Palaearctic Berber lion, bobcats, Alaskan sheep, and hippos. Kids will also enjoy the nearby Dino Park. Also, the botanical garden joins with the zoo in Pilsen. 

So, as you stroll around the park, you can be certain that the creatures living together would have lived side by side in the wild. Lastly, there is a surrounding flora for their natural habitat. Isn’t that beautiful and interesting?

  • See a Puppet Show at the Puppet Museum

The Puppet Museum, also known as the Muzeum Loutek in Czech, is located in the central plaza. It is directly across from St. Bartholomew Cathedral. The structure is still safe and has preservation from the Middle Ages. The exhibition covers the history of puppetry in Pilsen and the surrounding area from the late 1800s to the present. It is well-presented and organized, with entertaining videos on each floor. And each floor is dedicated to a particular period. Moreover, you can also try your hand at handling the puppets, and kids will enjoy making up their small shows.

5. Olomouc

It is one of the best destinations to visit in the Czech Republic for architecture, culture, and religious heritage. It has a historic preservation zone second only to the Czech capital in size and diversity of buildings. Olomouc dates back to Roman times and features a variety of monuments. Moreover, these have survived hundreds of years of turmoil and war. It has two World Heritage Sites and was also the capital of Moravia until the 1600s. So, this small city has a lot to offer, including:

  • Wenceslas’ Cathedral

This massive cathedral is the fourth-tallest edifice in the Czech Republic, standing more than 100 meters tall. In terms of size, it is second only to the similar cathedral in Prague. And it is the largest cathedral in Moravia. Moreover, the construction of the edifice was in the 1100s and originally had a romanesque design. 

The building’s ornate neo-gothic appearance came under the 19th-century restorations. And the interior arrangement has remained unchanged since medieval times. Both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II visited St. Wenceslas’ in the twentieth century. I think that is reason enough to visit this gorgeous place.

  • Astronomical Clock

Olomouc’s astronomical clock is located on the north side of the Town Hall. It takes us back to the 1400s. But after suffering damage during WWII, there were a few fascinating adjustments. Furthermore, since communism had only recently come in Olomouc, the timepiece construction was in the social realist design. 

Instead of saints, there are now images of workers and engineers, and the dial depicts Lenin and Stalin’s birthdays. It also displays the International Day of the Worker. Although much of the communist decor in Olomouc vanished during the Velvet Revolution, this clock serves as a quirky reminder of the city’s soviet days.

  • Holy Trinity Column

The Holy Trinity Column is, without a doubt, the most magnificent place to see here. It is one of the many epidemic columns in Central Europe to remember outbreaks. A fun fact: It’s a World Heritage landmark whose formation was in the early 1700s. And UNESCO experts say it’s unique in its baroque architecture. One of the characteristics that distinguish it is that all of the people who worked on the column were from Olomouc. They included stonemasons, artists, and master craftsmen. Inside the column is a modest chapel. Furthermore, it has very sculpted stone reliefs portraying biblical events such as the crucifixion. Lastly, if you love historic places it is a must for travelers to see this place. 

  • Kroměříž Castle and Gardens

Kroměříž, which is easily accessible to the south of Olomouc, is a typical Moravian town with a remarkable collection of old structures. The most prestigious is Kroměříž Castle. It is where the Archbishops of Olomouc lived from 1770 onwards. And where portions from the 1984 film Amadeus were filmed. The Swedes destroyed an earlier version of the castle. But, the powerful Liechtenstein family hired the Italian-Swiss designer Filiberto Lucchese to construct a new palace in the Baroque style. This time it was complete with pleasure gardens. The castle is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the baroque garden, with its clean, orderly hedgerows, has barely changed since its creation. 

  • Baroque Fountains

Olomouc contains six grandiose fountains dating from the late 1600s and early 1700s. They are a source of immense civic pride in this town and have endured for so long due to the wisdom of the town’s architects. These fountains would have been useless after Olomouc’s buildings got the connection to the water supply. But, they were keeping them as emergency reservoirs to battle fires. 

These fountains have a Roman theme. The five statues represent mythical figures and one dedicated to Gaius Julius Caesar on horseback. It is because he is famous to have created Olomouc 2000 years ago. The antique fountains have contemporary additions as well. For example, the Arion fountain in the main square. Moreover, it tells the history of a poet who was tossed away from a boat and saved by a dolphin. How beautiful, right? So, do check out these best places to see in Czech Republic. 

  • Bouzov Castle

This iconic fantasy castle is located around 30 kilometers northwest of Olomouc. Bouzov castle sits on a hill overlooking the dense forest. And has stood here since the 1300s. It belonged to the Teutonic Order for centuries, but it progressively fell into disrepair throughout that time. So, in the 1800s, there was reconstruction by a Bavarian architect. It was to meet an idealized view of medieval courtly life. It is the reason Bouzov Castle is a popular filming set in Czech and German films. Furthermore, there’s a lake, crenelated walls, drawbridges, and an eight-story-high watchtower. You can climb here to get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding lavish landscape. Besides, travelers agree that it is one of the best places to see in Czech Republic. 

The Takeaway 

Most people think of Prague when they think of the Czech Republic. While it is a beautiful city, this country has so much more to offer. Moreover, it is a romantic, mystical, and historic country with several beautiful places in every city. So, why not plan your next trip to the Czech Republic? It offers some of the most attractive and interesting sites you’ll ever visit. Also, read about the city you are visiting. There are plenty of tips and tricks that will help you out. Moreover, try out the best cuisines here. It will surely give your tastebuds an exotic experience. Hope you liked our list of the best places to see in the Czech Republic.