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The Best Places to See In Hungary


Hungary, the capital of Budapest, is one of the most beautiful cities that has many attractive places. Also, this city falls under the category of the oldest cities of Europe. It has many historical places that are worth visiting. Different landscapes have been built in this city, which adds to the beauty of this city. Moreover, the countryside of this beautiful city is worth enjoying as it’s very peaceful and soothing. All these reasons make Hungary one of the best places to visit in Europe. Many visitors took their way to this city daily just to visit. There are so many best places to see in Hungary that will make your trip memorable and worth visiting. 

If you’re fond of seeing historic and beautiful places, you should never miss this city. However, before planning a tour of this city, one should learn what are the best places to visit there. Knowing the most famous places in any city, your tour will be more enjoyable than going to a visit without knowing the worth enjoying places. 

Along with many other reasons, Hungary’s low prices of goods make it an affordable city. This thing also attracts many people. Standard of education at the lowest prices of this city is famous throughout Europe. Mostly, people love to put their children in any of the schools of Hungary due to the high standard of education and low fees. It’s the city of Europe where one can purchase anything at the lowest prices. 

The safety of visitors is the most important thing that one should never ignore. Due to high security, people feel safe in this city. Many facts are there that you should learn before visiting this historical city. This article will be discussing all the best places to visit in Hungary. Also, you should learn about the things that you should avoid while in this beautiful city. So, let’s move down to explore this beneficial guide. 

What Are The Best Places to See in Hungary?

The city of lights, Hungary, has many worth enjoying places that you should never miss if you’re planning a tour. To help you, we’ve enlisted the top 10 worth visiting places in Hungary in the later section.

1- Palace of Buda Castle

Buda Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Hungary that takes us back to 1265. It was the residence of the Hungarian kings in the past. But now it is open and more of a tourist place. After paying the entrance fee, one can explore the beauty of this historical palace. 

This castle was constructed on the hillside for the protection of kings from the attacks of Mongols and Tatars. This castle is a house of more than 200 rooms. The construction of these rooms is based on a particular symmetry. However, the original beauty of this historical palace was damaged due to severe damages of world war-II. Most of the parts of this palace have undergone reconstruction and repair. 

Currently, this beautiful palace is home to two historical museums and the National Library. The museums are Budapest Museum and the National Gallery. Combined with the palace, the Mace Tower is another part of this place that is the center of visitors’ attraction. Built in the later thirties, this tower had also undergone many destructions. 

The bronze statue of the Prince Eugene of Savoy adds to the beauty of this castle. This is a sign of the historical defense of this hero against the Turkish attacks. All these beautiful and historical places are now open for visitors. So, pack your bags to enjoy these best places to see in Hungary. 

2- National Gallery of Hungary

As mentioned above, Buda Castle is the house of two museums and one of them is the National Gallery of Hungary. Along with different historical paintings, one can find the sculptures of Hungarian heroes there. These sculptures belong to the heroes of Hungary who defended different invasions in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. 

Different artists have exhibited their masterpieces in this gallery that add to the beauty of this historical gallery. Out of all sculptures, those of the Renaissance age are the center of people’s attraction. All the tourists are properly guided about these historical paintings and sculptures. The native people are very cooperative and keep on helping the tourists. Some arts are exhibited permanently there while others are there temporarily. 

Different artists keep on exhibiting their arts at different festivals held there. One can explore such events at their official site. Koller Gallery is the most famous art gallery that attracts the most visitors towards itself. So, never miss visiting these historical places when you plan a tour of this beautiful city. 

3- Museum of Budapest Palace

Like the national art gallery, the museum of Budapest is also a historical place in Hungary that attracts visitors towards itself. The south side of the castle is devoted to this museum and many goods associated with history are exhibited there. One can judge the glory of historical Hungarian empires through these things. 

As you know, the purpose of a museum is to remind someone about historical events. The same is in the case of the Budapest museum. Different goods associated with the glorious history of Hungary can be found there. Here is a list of the items that can help you to imagine ancient life in Hungary. 

  • Ancient compulsory manuscripts
  • Items like utensils made of ceramics
  • Textile goods
  • Utensils used in that previous era
  • Paintings of old living styles
  • Sculptures

Seeing all these items, the first thing that clicks in the mind of a person is the living style and culture of the ancient people of Hungary. Each painting in this museum signals towards any historical event and considerably one of the best places to see in Hungary. 

For instance, you’ll find a historical painting of Matthias Corvinus and his wife Beatrice of Aragon. This painting reminds the historical age of the Renaissance. In short, you’ll find sculptures and paintings from all ages in the history of Hungary. So, never miss it when you visit this beautiful and historical city. 

4- Matyas Templom (Church of Matthias)

In official language, the church of Matthias is also called the ‘Church of Our Lady’. This is a symbolic church that has an interesting and informative story. This church had replaced another one named “Church of Marry”. The Church of Mary was constructed in the reign of Saint Stephen(1015) who was the first emperor of Hungary. 

The church of Matthias was founded by King Bela IV(1242). However, when brutal Mongols invaded and ruined this beautiful city and all its belongings, king Stephen moved towards the Buda Hills. 

The current name of the church refers to king Mathias Corvinus. After the Mongols invaded and ruined this historical church, king Mathias rebuilt it into its original form. So, this is regarded as Matthias church. At the time of this brave king, this church was also a unique and beautiful place for arranging weddings in Hungary. 

During the 15th century, this church also underwent demolition by the Turks who invaded Hungary and converted all its churches into mosques. When Turks left Europe, Frigyes Schulek reconstructed this church and gave it the original shape that it had in the era of Mathias. Besides being a religious place, this Church is also one of the best places for many different events like concerts, Christmas arrangements, choir performances in show choir dresses, Easter, and so on. So, how can someone miss this historical place while visiting Hungary? 

5- Fisherman’s Bastion of Hungary

Situated in Budapest, fisherman’s bastion is one of those places in Hungary that are centers for people’s attraction. This place was built in the 19th century which adds to the scenery of Budapest. This beautiful site is situated right behind the Budapest Church of Mathias. The seven towers of this beautiful place add to its beauty. The fisherman’s place resembles the Walt Disney films’ logo. However, this is relatively old. 

Its seven towers are also a symbol for those seven tribes who founded this city in 895. The chapel of fisherman’s bastion is also a famous place that was constructed in 2013. This city was protected by a guild of fishermen, so its name came to be fisherman’s bastion. 

The statues of different kings like that of Julianus, Gallery, and Saint Stephen are also the center for the visitor’s attraction. All these sculptures are symbolic of the lives of different kings. Along with the sculpture of Stephen King, the plinth of four lions and the reliefs are also there. These things depict how Stephen led his life in that era. 

From the great towers of the fisherman’s bastion, all beautiful views of Hungarian rivers, lakes, and the lights of cities can be seen. This is the most important feature of these towers. This place is, of course, one of the best places to see in Hungary. 

6- Trinity Square: Center of Castle Hills

As the name suggests, Trinity Square is the center of the castle hills that has many interesting and unique features. Out of all other historical and symbolic things of this place, the statue of the Holy Trinity is the most important. This statue resembles many other statues that were built all over Europe in the 18th century. During previous successive centuries before the 18th, many people died due to the plague. People built the statues of the Holy Trinity with the belief that they will protect them from the deadly plagues. Two creative artists of that century, Barbier and Ungleich designed the statue of the Holy Trinity residing in the Trinity square. 

Along with the historical and symbolic statue, another thing that is the center of people’s attraction in Trinity square is the Town Hall of Buda. This hall is one of those that were built around Trinity square in the last years of the 17th century. This Hall, along with many other adjacent buildings, was constructed on Italian plans that were planned by an artist Caresola. 

Some other worth seeing places around the Trinity square that attract visitors towards themselves are listed here. 

  • Hungarian Foundation’s House with a very beautiful look
  • Trinity oriel balcony
  • Staircase in the courtyard
  • Adjacent small towers
  • Pallas Athene is a masterpiece by Carlo Adami

Having such fun at the same place, how can one miss Trinity square while planning a tour towards Hungary? So, never forget to visit this beautiful, historical, and symbolic place to visit whenever you happen to visit this beautiful city. 

7- Hadtörténeti Múzeum 

Hadtörténeti Múzeum translated as Museum of Military history is another historical place in Budapest. This museum is also within the Buda Castle and has all the historical belongings of the Hungarian military. Along with many other militaries of Europe, the military of Hungary was a major military that played an important role throughout the wars that Europe faced. So, their historical uniforms, weapons, flags belonging to them, and many other things are listed at this museum. 

Having read the stories of brave soldiers who defended Mongols and Turks during the wars of medieval ages, these belongings can remind anyone of the glorious past. Whenever one sees these things, the historical fights click to his or her mind. In the courtyard of the museum, different statues of bold soldiers are also on display. These add to the beauty of the museum. 

Besides the statues, the historical Cannons and cannonballs on the adjacent walls also add to the look of this historical place. These things act as a flashback to the past revolutions. Another important adjacent thing is the military library that has all the books telling the stories of previous wars and revolutions. 

The military museum of Budapest stands at the site of an old army barrack. This barrack was built in 1830 for soldiers. Later on, there was a replacement of the barrack by the military museum having all the important belongings and books of the Hungarian military. There was a lot of damage to the building by the attacks of WW II but it got restoration. Never forget this place when you are want to experience the best places to see in Hungary. 

8- Hess András Square

Hess András Square (Andrew Hess Square) is another historical place in Budapest. It has masterpieces by many architects of Hungary. The name of this square is after a person, Andrew Jes, who started the tradition of printing books in Hungary. He printed his first masterpiece in 1473. This highly organized place has many things that belong to the medieval ages. 

All the symbols of the medieval ages show organizing that gives a true picture of that age. Here is a list of those items that are the center of people’s attention. 

  • Miklos Torony or Nicholas’s Tower that belonged to St. Nicolas
  • St. Nicola’s Gothic church’s relics
  • A sculpture of Pope XI that is a masterpiece by Damko
  • The complex of architects named the Red Hedgehog

The designing of all these things is in a classical style that has all the important symbols of ancient history. 

9- Gentleman Street: A Fashion Street Of Budapest

Till now, gentleman street is one of the busiest places in Budapest. It’s an exemplary street that is a symbol of Gothic architecture. This street has all types of shops ranging from boutiques to restaurants. One can find all sorts of goods within this street. 

This street is almost one kilometer long and has an attractive design. The most important and worth visiting places in your list of best places to see in Hungary are on this street here. 

  • Stone seats of a clergy
  • Gothic gateway
  • Palace of archbishops
  • The old church construction was in the time of St. Mary Magdalene
  • Telephonic museum of Budapest

Out of all these things, the museum of telephones and the church of St. Mary Magdalene is worth seeing. These places have many historical things. The church has been facing destruction throughout its history. However, its tower remained erected as the center of people’s attention. It has a small exhibition too that belongs to Emperor Francis.   

Like the old church having all the historical belongings of the old Saints, the telephonic Library also has a wide collection of all the old telephones. These telephones are evident of the fact how people kept on contacting one another in those ages. So, keep this place in your list of the places that you’ll visit during your trip to Hungary. 

10- Buda Castle Labyrinth

Labyrinth is one of the ancient buildings that was built under the Budapest Hills as a shelter for the bombing of the wars. This place is one of the oldest constructions present in Budapest. One can find a great network of tunnels that connect different parts of Budapest. This place has a symbolic history as the purpose of this place was just to build a shelter against the war’s effects. This is a real classical place that still has oil lamps and other things that remind us of the old ages. 

Due to its beautiful construction, the Labyrinth is one of those places that are centers of people’s attention. Also, this is one of the top-rated sites that people visit every year. It’s an underground place that has a beautiful view just like a dramatic scene. For sensitive people, this thing can be scary too. This tunnel or under hills construction has many tunnels with foggy lights. 

In the Labyrinth, one can observe the old rocks and ruined buildings that are signs of war destructions in the past years. Here are some other items that you can see there:

  • Old Cave Paintings 
  • Opera characters in the form of mannequins
  • Dracula bit of labyrinth

All these things are symbolic and have a glorious history. For instance, the Dracula of the labyrinth is a symbol of the imprisonment of Count Dracula. He was in the prisons of Visegrad Royal Castle that is about forty kilometers away from Buda Castle. This is a very interesting as well as a terrifying place that may confuse the visitors with its horror scenery.  There is a lot of crowds here as it is one of the best places to see in Hungary. 

Some Fun Facts About Hungary

Here are some facts that you should know before you start the adventure of the best places to see in Hungary.  

1- Very Low Rates 

You might worry about the expenses that you’ll face during your visit, but relax as this city is very affordable. You may say that this is the city of Europe featuring the lowest prices of all the things. So, you should never think that the things in this city will be pricey. 

2- Transportation

You have three options to explore the beauty and historical places of Budapest.

  • Via tourist buses
  • Via public transportation
  • By foot

Tourist buses will help you by guiding you properly about different places to visit. They have special guiding methods that will prove beneficial for you. If you’re fond of exploring things on foot, this is also a good option. You can use public transportation accompanied by walking to explore all the historical places of Budapest. 

3- Fun Of Ruin Bars 

Another thing that attracts the attention of the visitors is the fun of ruin bars in Budapest. Many people love nightlife and enjoyment. This is a good idea if you’re in Hungary. Many fancy night bars are there that can help you to relax after a busy day.  

4- Delicious Foods 

Behaving like a native of Hungary will add to the fun that you’ll have while in Hungary. The most important thing about this fact is enjoyment through traditional foods. One can enjoy Hungarian Palinka, which is one of the most famous drinks in this city. Also, different varieties of soups will make your nights enjoyable. You’ll love all the traditional foods of Hungary after you tasted them once. 

5- Easy Money Exchange

If you’re not a native of Hungary, you’ll have to exchange money with the Hungarian currency called Forint. Though airports may be pricey for money exchange, you can find many local and cheap exchange shops that will exchange your currency with the native currency at a low tax. So, you’ll not face any problem regarding the money exchange when you’re in Hungary. 

Final Thoughts 

Visiting historical places plays an important role in our lives as it unveils many facts. Visiting a particular historical place will be more beneficial for you as you’ll remember all the things that you’ll observe there. Hungary is one of those cities of Europe that has many historical places to visit. This city is almost the cheapest city in Europe where one can find any good at a very affordable rate. However, before planning a visit, or making a less of best places to see in Hungary learn some important facts about the different historical places in this city is very important. So, never miss out on this thing while planning a visit to any city.