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Bloodborne: How to Use the Upper Cathedral Key


bloodborne where to use upper cathedral key

Access to the upper cathedral district

To enter the Upper Cathedral District, you must first obtain the Upper Cathedral Key. This key can be found in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to find and use the key.

Obtaining the Upper Cathedral Key

  1. Travel to Yahar’gul, the Invisible Village: Use the lamp labeled “Yahar’gul Chapel” to teleport to the village.
  2. Navigate the Stairs: Climb the stairs full of old ladies. Be quick because a huge creature will periodically fire a laser beam.
  3. Find the gap: Go up the stairs and go left until you notice a gap in the fence.
  4. Fall down and enter: Carefully drop down through the gap and enter the building using the walkway. Inside, you’ll find the Upper Cathedral Key on a corpse sitting on a chair.

Using the Upper Cathedral Key

Return to Cathedral Ward: Return to the Cathedral Ward in Yharnam. From Oedon Chapel, go through the right door to reach the Healing Church Workshop.

Climb to the Top Floor: Navigate to the top floor of the Healing Church Workshop. Here you will find a previously locked door.

Open the Door: Use the Upper Cathedral Key to unlock the door and grant you access to the Upper Cathedral Precinct.

Explore the Upper Cathedral Ward

First entry

When you enter the Upper Cathedral District, you will find yourself at the top of the Healing Church Workshop. Go through the newly unlocked door and a message will tell you that you have arrived.

Climb the Stairs: Go up the steps directly in front of you and defeat the first Sky Larvae enemy you encounter.

Cross the Bridge: Go up the stairs until you reach a gate and a bridge. Collect the Blue Elixir from a corpse at the gate, then cross the bridge. Be careful as two stronger than usual church servants will emerge from the fog.

Lighting the surface lamp

After defeating the church servants, light the area lamp to create a new checkpoint.

Ascend to the Ward

  1. Semi-circular area: Go past the lamp and go up the stairs to a semi-circular area guarded by numerous sky larvae. First, go right to collect the Great Lake Rune from a dead end.
  2. Collect Frenzied Coldblood: Return and defeat the carrion crows near the stairs to collect Frenzied Coldblood (9).
  3. Go up the stairs: Climb the stairs where you will encounter another church servant wielding a flame-filled scythe. Lure him through the campfire to deal some damage before attacking.

Inside the Dark Room

  1. Eliminate the Brainsucker: At the top of the stairs, quietly enter a dark room and eliminate the Brainsucker within. Collect the choir set from the room before continuing.
  2. Wolf Beast Encounter: Loot a corpse in the corridor that contains the madman’s knowledge. A wolf beast with blue eyes will crash through the window. For safety, retreat to the Brainsucker’s room if necessary.

Navigate to the Main Hall

  1. Balcony Access: Go to the other end of the corridor and open the door to find yourself on a balcony above the main hall.
  2. Ambush Below: Climb down the stairs where three Scourge Beasts fall from the ceiling, darkening the room. Lure them and defeat them strategically.
  3. Clear the room: Eliminate another Scourge Beast patrolling on the left and a Brainsucker on the right.

Collect the Treasures

  1. Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge: Go to the back of the room and down a narrow corridor to get the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge from a body guarded by a Brainsucker.
  2. Ritual Blood (5): Find Ritual Blood (5) near the locked main door.
  3. Scurrying Beast: In another corridor, deal with a Brainsucker hiding behind a corner and collect the loot without chasing the Scurrying Beast.

Reach Now to the Orphanage

  1. At the top of the ladder: Climb the ladder to find a balcony with a Brainsucker. Defeat it and collect the Orphanage Key from one of the two Brainsuckers.
  2. Unlock Shortcut: Use the button to unlock a shortcut back to the original entry point.
  3. Discover the Gesture: Open the doors on the balcony to find a statue and learn the Make Contact gesture.
  4. Final Treasures: Return to the room with various items including Blue Elixir, Blindfold Cap, Madman’s Knowledge, and Pearl Snail.


The Upper Cathedral Key in Bloodborne unlocks an optional, challenging area known as the Upper Cathedral Ward. This area is home to fearsome enemies and two optional bosses.