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Before its release, the MSI B760 MAG Tomahawk Motherboard Already Appear to Be Sleek and Prepared for Combat


We are still awaiting Intel to complete its 700 series chipset portfolio with mid-range and entry-level additions, which will fit in below its already-existing Z790 for Raptor Lake. These chipsets will be available for purchase later this year. They will arrive, there is no doubt about that. In the meantime, Intel’s hardware partners are getting their motherboards ready to support the forthcoming chipset improvements. MSI’s B760 MAG Tomahawk is the first motherboard to break cover in advance of its launch.

The leaked renders provide one of the first looks (if not the first look) at a B760 motherboard before they officially arrive, presumably timed with the release of non-K 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs that are rumoured to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) early next month. The release of the B760 motherboard is expected to coincide with the release of the non-K 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs. Having said that, there is a proviso.

Recent rumours originating in China indicate that the price of B760 motherboards could end up being approximately ten percent higher than the price of B600 models, which are currently on the market. This is something that will be important to keep an eye on, as the next chipset upgrades are expected to provide builders more affordable options to pick from. These options will be available for individuals who do not require all of the bells and whistles that a Z790 motherboard has to offer.

Before its release, the MSI B760 MAG Tomahawk Motherboard Already Appear to Be Sleek and Prepared for Combat

Regarding MSI’s MAG B760 Tomahawk, the folks over at Videocardz have been successful in acquiring a number of renders, which serves as another indication that a release is just around the corner. The B760 model appears to be very similar to an earlier version of MSI’s MAG series, the B660 Tomahawk. As a consequence of this, it would appear that the power stage configuration of the B760 version will remain the same as its 12+1+1 predecessor.

Although we are not given the whole specifications, we are able to piece out some of the facts. It is a regular ATX motherboard (as opposed to the larger E-ATX form factor or any of the smaller form factors), and it has a pair of PCI Express x16 slots, one of which is reinforced. The form factor in question is standard. It has also been stated that the heat shields cover three M.2 slots that are hidden underneath them. We may presume with reasonable certainty that at least one of them supports PCIe 5.0 solid state drives because the render of the retail box includes the phrase “Lightning Gen5”.

However, it is anticipated that MSI will also make a DDR5 model accessible in addition to the DDR4 version that was demonstrated. In either case, there will be four available spaces for the DIMMs. Other features include built-in Wi-Fi that comes with its own antennae, as well as a reasonably comprehensive input/output system that includes a 2.5G LAN port, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, and a variety of USB connectivity options, one of which being a USB Type-C port.