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Benefits of 3d printing for businesses.


3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is gaining popularity among manufacturers.  Demand is growing because of some of the revolutionary benefits that it can provide.  Like almost all techniques, it has its drawbacks that need to be considered.

The purpose of this page is to assist in the selection process. We will cover each of the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing.

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1- Proof of concept and rapid prototyping

Using 3D printing to prove your point and start your own project can be a very wise choice. This technique can help you promote your Kickstarter campaign, create engaging and engaging segments, and present your project to your investors and future customers. You can use cheap technologies and materials like raw multi-jet fusion PA12.

2. 3D printing as a competitive advantage

Extra manufacturing is a real competitive advantage to grow your business.  As we mentioned in our study, as of 3D Printing 2019, 50% of respondents saw the use of 3D printing in their business as a competitive advantage. In fact, for most of them, 3D printing has become their strength: using this technology is a way to stay ahead of your competitors.

3-  A new tool for production

If 3D printing is especially good for prototyping, then more and more businesses are using this 3D tool to improve their production process. In fact, we found in our previous research on the 3D printing industry that 51% of our respondents were using additive manufacturing for their production, compared to 38% a year ago for productive purposes.

4- Low race, low cost

With 3D technology, shorter runs will be easier and cheaper than traditional manufacturing processes such as injection moulding. There is no need to mould some parts to make them. You can print 1, 100 or even 10K pieces with just a few clicks on an online 3D printing service like Sculpteo.

5- Made storage easy

For a small business, storage can be a daunting task. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. With additional manufacturing, you can manufacture your parts when you need them, thanks to digital inventory and on-demand manufacturing. 3D printing is becoming a way to rethink the whole traditional concept of supply chain management.

6- Opportunities for new people to adopt

Large-scale customization is one of the biggest benefits of additive manufacturing. With traditional methods, customization can be expensive and time-consuming. In fact, it can be achieved by adjusting the original mould/machinery or manually adjusting your product.

7. Improve the quality of your products

With additional manufacturing, you can embrace more possibilities and feel free to create the design you are thinking of, not just the design you already have in mind.  You can create anything you need, even if it involves complex geometries.


3D printing, like modelling or three-dimensional scanning, is one of the tools of creation, but what sets it apart is its ability to create almost infinite shapes.  As with any tool, you need to master it, to know its limitations, in order to take advantage of its capabilities.  Prototyping is not the ultimate solution to every manufacturing need.