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Best App to watch trending Zee Telugu Serials Online


Zee Telugu is a popular entertainment channel that brings engaging and exciting shows to keep viewers entertained all through the day. With relevant and remarkable stories, the channel provides a daily dose of entertainment for all ages. Zee Telugu brings a wide range of characters that inspire and impact viewers from its array of stories in fiction and nonfiction. World’s largest media service platform for streaming South Asian content, YuppTV adds Zee TV channels to its vast content library. With this addition, viewers can now watch Zee Telugu online on YuppTV anytime, anywhere. Let’s check out six trending Zee TV Telugu serials that continue to engage viewers with their contemporary characters and stories. 

Radhamma Kuthuru

Popular Telugu serial ‘Radhamma Kuthuru’ has recently reached a milestone of completing 500 episodes. The story revolves around Radhamma, a strong independent woman determined to fight all the odds and raise her three daughters. The plot later shifts towards a love story between Akshara and Aravind from contrasting worlds. Akshara aims to take charge of her destiny and restore her mother’s pride. In the recent developments, the story deals with Shruthi- Rajesh divorce, Rajesh efforts to get a Visa for Aparna and a conflict between Rama Rao and Hari. While Raami Meghna plays the titular role, Deepthi Manne and Gokul play the lead roles. This well-scripted Zee TV Telugu serial, which is gaining enormous popularity from the audience for its outstanding storytelling, is aired at 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. 


This supernatural soap opera is received well by the audience for its gripping plot. The story is about Trinayani and her power to foretell the future and the past often leaves her with problems. Despite the difficulties, she attempts to use her blessing to safeguard the people around her from devastation. In the recent developments, the story deals with the twists and turns around Vishal’s marriage with Jasmine. A remake of the famous Bengali show with the same name, Trinayini, is well adapted to reflect the essence of Telugu and its authentic culture. Chandu Gowda and Ashika Gopal Padukone play the leading roles of Vishal and Trinayini in this must-watch Zee Telugu serial. 

Prema Entha Madhuram 

With its exciting plot and grippy storyline, the show is successful in catching everyone’s attention. Directed by Lalit Mohan, this mature age-old romantic drama revolves around a wealthy middle-aged businessman and a young woman who fall in love and decide to get married. The twist in the tale arises when they are faced with the challenges of their unusual life choices. In the current episodes, Arya deters Sharada Devi from revealing the truth to Anu, which leaves her with no choice but to let them marry. At the same time, Mansi selects a wedding card design while Padma and Subbu have a verbal argument about Anu and Arya. Along with Sreeram Venkat and Anu, Ram Jagan, Bangalore Padma, Uma Devi and Jyothi Reddy play other lead roles.

Watch Prema Entha Madhuram on Zee Telugu from Monday to Saturday at 9 PM. 

No.1 Kodalu

Next among the top Zee TV Telugu serial list performing well and gaining huge TRP ratings is No.1 Kodalu, which checked all the right boxes to bounce into the TRP charts with its appealing storyline. Successful in keeping viewers glued to the screen, the show is a favourite for many. The story is about two strong women Saraswati and Vagdevi, who are destined to live together. Saraswati enters into Vagdevi house as her daughter in law and the relationship dynamics keep changing. While famous dancer Sudha Chandran essays the role of affluent and powerful entrepreneur Vagdevi, Madhumathi excels in her role as Saraswati.

Krishna Tulasi

Directed by veteran filmmaker K Raghavendra Rao, Krishna Tulasi is a Telugu adaptation of the Bangla serial Krishakoli. An exhilarating tale of love and self-liberation, the story is about Shyama, a dark-skinned girl and her struggles. Prominent Kannada celebs Dileep Shetty and Priyanka Shivanna portray the lead characters. The recent events in the show will display Shyama being forced to disguise Rupa Rani. Watch Krishna Tulasi from Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm on Zee Telugu.

Kalyana Vaibhogam

Started in 2017, this show is still running successfully even after completing more than 1000 episodes. The story is about twins with an utterly contrasting nature. Recently there was a significant turn in the plot as the story took a generation leap. Starring Meghana Lokesh, Raja Bhupati, Sunny, Divya and others in the lead roles, Kalyana Vaibhogam is directed by PV Krishna.

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