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How to Get and Use Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4


The Diablo franchise continues its tradition of providing players with a large quantity of loot from which they must select the items best suited to their character builds. Due to the large amount of loot that has been given to you, you will have enough of items to dismantle, but there will also be some that you will want to keep and improve at the blacksmith. It is beneficial to make your character stronger and employ gear somewhat stronger than what is currently being dropped, even though gear can only be upgraded a limited number of times. This guide will teach you how to acquire veiled crystals in Diablo 4 and how to use them. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Use Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

Get Veiled Crystals:

You can acquire Veiled Crystals by visiting the blacksmith and recovering rare (yellow) pieces of equipment. You will only be able to obtain one shrouded crystal from the salvage of each unique item. You can also obtain hidden Crystals by salvaging parts of legendary gear, but as time goes on, you will find many rare items worth salvaging long before you get to the point where you are ready to start breaking down legendary gear. As your character gains levels, rare pieces of loot are more likely to be dropped by foes or found in chests.

How to Get and Use Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

Simply playing on a higher World Tier will result in more players accessing rare items. Even on the Veteran Tier, you can find rare gear in practically every fight at level 30. This is especially true on the Veteran Tier. After acquiring rare equipment, you should bring it to the blacksmith to use the final salvage option, which is to break up all of the rare equipment that is now in your inventory. This will not affect any of the gear currently attached to you, but it will clean away your inventory of rare weapons and armour and convert them into Veiled Crystals.

Use Veiled Crystals:

At the blacksmith, players can spend Veiled Crystals to improve the quality of rare and legendary pieces of equipment that they have acquired. The first two stages of upgrading rare gear won’t require these rare resources, but the third upgrade would. Veiled Crystals will be required for many of the additional improvements that can be done on rare and legendary pieces of gear in addition to the standard upgrades. It will take several Veiled Crystals to apply Aspects to rare and legendary equipment items. Additionally, the occultist can alter the specific statistics of a piece of equipment, but, doing so will involve the expenditure of extra Veiled Crystals.

How to Get and Use Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

Because of this, Veiled Crystals are a particularly crucial resource for use in late-game gear adjustments because each of these upgrades requires numerous Veiled Crystals to complete. It is crucial to begin salvaging rare gear as soon as possible to build up a supply of Veiled Crystals, even though finding rare gear in the game is not particularly difficult.


What materials do you need for imprinting Diablo 4?

When it comes to the process of imprinting legendary aspects or codex of power, the required ingredients can vary from time to time. Sometimes just one shrouded crystal is required, and other times ten are required. There are times when a particle of baleful effect is required.

Why am I not getting Veiled Crystals Diablo 4?

To be more exact, you won’t have a chance to obtain Veiled Crystals until you salvage gear with a rare or higher item level. Normal and magical, often known as the grey and blue tiers of equipment, will only give you rawhide and iron bits as their respective drops. You will need to focus on rare equipment, which may be identified by its yellowish-colored armour and weapons.

When should I start imprinting gear Diablo 4?

You should imprint elements as soon as possible if you believe they will greatly increase your power and assist you in dispatching enemies more quickly. Because advancement is essentially linear, hoarding resources in an action role-playing game is a terrible strategy in the mistaken belief that you “might need them later.”

Are aspects permanent in Diablo 4?

Many of the Legendary Aspects can be permanently unlocked by completing dungeons, but others can only be earned by discovering a Legendary item that already has the Aspect and then extracting it at an Occultist. Dungeons can be found all throughout the world.

How to salvage Diablo 4?

On the map, a symbol of a hammer and anvil makes it simple to locate blacksmiths. The most well-liked activity at Sanctuary is the visit to the blacksmith. After having a conversation with a blacksmith, a number of possibilities for looting will become available to you on the screen.