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5 Best Marketing Automation Software For Small Business


Would you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on your email marketing campaigns? The most important step in expanding your website is to invest in marketing automation software that can conduct repetitive duties on your behalf.

In this article, we will discuss the marketing automation software that is most suited for small businesses, with the goal of helping you save both time and money with your various online marketing endeavours.

What Is a Marketing Automation Software?

The term “Marketing Automation Software” refers to both a kind of technological platform as well as a type of service that automates online operations that are repetitive in nature. It is developed for marketers and organisations to help them sell their brands more successfully over the internet via websites, email, and social media.

Because businesses who utilise automated lead management solutions enjoy a 10 percent gain in income, it is essential for even a small organisation to employ marketing automation software.

However, consumers often get Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Software (MAS) confused with one another. Now that we have established the similarities and distinctions between the two, it is time to discuss their respective functions.

What Is the Difference Between CRM and Marketing Automation?

The primary distinction between these several kinds of business software is the aspect of your company that each one prioritises.

To put it another way, customer relationship management services are mostly focused on sales, while marketing automation software is primarily focused on marketing.

However, due to the fact that CRM and marketing automation solutions both manage leads and contacts, there is some feature duplication between the two types of software. In addition, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions contain a plethora of functionalities, therefore it is more probable that a CRM would provide marketing automation capability than the other way around.

Be sure to check out our piece on the most effective customer relationship management software for small businesses if you or a member of your sales team are seeking for solutions to assist with lead nurturing and relationship management.

Now that we know how to select the finest marketing automation software for small businesses, let’s find out precisely how to do it so that you may choose the one that is ideal for you.

How Do I Choose a Marketing Automation Software?

Are you prepared to begin automating your internet marketing but unsure which solution would serve your small company in the most effective manner? You can limit down your options with the aid of these eight tips:

  • Create a Plan. Establish your objectives and draw out a plan for your marketing funnel. Finding software with capabilities that complement your approach will become much less difficult the clearer and more concise your strategy is.
  • Inquire Around. Inquire with others you know who run websites like yours about the tools and services they use and suggest. If they run a successful internet company, there is a good possibility that they are currently using a terrific piece of marketing software designed just for small businesses.
  • Think About the Cost. Because it has such a high value to its users, a marketing automation platform does not come at no cost. Make sure you check the price page to see if there are any additional fees or setup costs so there are no surprises.
  • Check out the Responses. Be sure to read some of the customer reviews to find out what others think about the product and the help they get from the company.
  • Verify there is space available. It is common for technology organisations to have periods of downtime; thus, you should investigate if the platform you desire has a backup system. Have a look at the Service Level Agreements and see whether there is a guarantee made to availability.
  • Create a Condensed List. Reduce the number of options on your list to just a handful so you can concentrate on learning more about your top picks.
  • Demonstrations to be driven. Sign up for free trial demonstrations and put the programme through its paces so you can get a feel for it. Once you are within the programme, you will be able to quickly discover the one that you are looking for.
  • Take your time. The more time and effort you put into selecting your software, the more successful you will be in the long run. You should avoid selecting a platform that won’t be able to continue to match your requirements even as your website expands.

What Is the Best Marketing Automation Software?

When it comes to the automation of marketing processes, what exactly are the finest marketing software options for small businesses?

Let’s have a look:

1. Constant Contact

Best Marketing Automation Software For Small Business

Constant Contact is an excellent provider of automation software because despite the fact that it is user-friendly for novices, it nonetheless has very potent capabilities that may automate your email marketing.

You may, for instance, send a single email introducing yourself, messages directed at certain individuals, or an automated email series that assists with the nurturing of leads.

This tool is recognised for having excellent customer service, online training, and informative webinars, so you will get a lot of assistance when you use it. In addition, you will receive a lot of support when you use it.

Pricing begins at around $45 per month for the Email Plus plan (which includes automated marketing) and the company provides a free trial period of sixty days.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a solution for sales and marketing that enables you to sell your products and services to your consumers using a variety of channels, including social media, live chat, email, and even text messaging.

Sendinblue gives you the ability to organise your email list into categories and then automatically send tailored emails to each of your clients.

In addition, they provide a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, which makes it simple to develop email marketing campaigns that are run entirely automatically. In addition, you may configure Sendinblue to work with WP Mail SMTP to ensure the reliable delivery of transactional emails.

Pricing for the Premium plan begins at around $55 per month when paid annually (which includes marketing automation for small business).

3. HubSpot Marketing

One of the most well-known customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, Hubspot also offers an independent marketing automation solution. It provides a visual board that you can use to create your own drip campaigns depending on the parameters that you specify.

In addition, in addition to automating your email marketing, you may automate a great deal of other work as well. You have the ability to score leads, forward leads to the sales department, utilise workflows to set up webhooks, trigger internal alerts whenever contacts perform crucial actions, and much more.

Because of this, using this product for the first time might be challenging; however, HubSpot Academy is available to guide you through the process and help you become proficient.

Pricing: Monthly plans begin at $50, and a free version of Hubspot’s core CRM software is available to all users.

4. OptinMonster

You will need to have subscribers for your automated marketing strategy to be successful. This is something that can be easily done.

Stunning lightboxes, landing pages, and popups that collect a large number of leads may be created with the assistance of OptinMonster. Additionally, with their incredible ChatBot tool, you are able to automate social media marketing campaigns.

Additionally, OptinMonster’s behaviour customization function enables you to effortlessly segment leads and customers, allowing you to automatically direct them into your campaigns while you sit back and observe. This frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

Prices start at $9 per month for the cheapest plan (billed annually).

5. SeedProd

Even before you publish your website, you should start putting your marketing plans into action as much as possible. This is a smart idea. In addition, while you are working on developing your website, you can use SeedProd to gather leads automatically for your marketing funnels. You won’t turn away any prospective clients if you do it this way.

SeedProd enables you to continue collecting email addresses and driving traffic to your website even while it is during renovation. To put this another way, while you concentrate on developing your website, you can put this marketing automation software to work for you in the background.

Pricing begins at $39.50 (USD) per year for a single website.


By definition, digital marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies that are designed for marketing departments and organisations to automate repetitive tasks and market more effectively on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, and so on). Examples of these channels include email, social media, and websites.