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Most Beautiful and Best Places to See in Romania


The country with quaint old towns, beautiful mountains, best-skiing resorts, and rich Roman history, yes, we are talking about Romania. Romania is one of the well-known countries in Europe. It is the 12th largest country in Europe. Today’s content is all about this awesome country and the best places to see in Romania.

List of The Best Places to See in Romania:

  • Danube Delta

It is the second-largest river delta on the entire continent with a surface area of about 4000 km2.

Nature lovers would adore this place because the natural beauty it has is mesmerizing. It is the largest preserved delta on the entire continent. Birds from Africa fly to Danube Delta. Tourists bring seeds with them to feed these birds of all kinds. The travelers even camp on the side of the delta, they can enjoy the view for 3 to 4 days, relevant to their stay. This delta has about 23 different ecosystems in a single place that people can adore and enjoy.

The River Danube has a smooth flow with various boats for the convenience of the visitors. These boat rides offer a deeper view of the Danube Delta. You can come across a huge diversity of wildlife in this region of Romania. This river starts in the Black Forest of Germany into the Black Sea and flows in many parts of Europe.

The region includes wetlands and spectacular sunsets that are worth capturing. As mentioned before, a single-day tour is not enough to completely check this place. A 3 to 4 days tour would be interesting and knowledge-filled.

This delta is present on this land for around ten thousand years. This place is home to millions of species of plants and animals, especially birds. Over 300 species of birds can be found in the Danube Delta. Even some villages are located near the delta. They can have access to water and other necessities.

Types of birds in this place:

Different kinds of birds you can see here are:

  1. White pelicans
  2. Dalmatian pelicans
  3. Small egrets
  4. Red-breasted geese
  5. Glossy Ibis

These birds visit the delta at different times of the year. They migrate to the delta in winters and move back when the temperatures drop in the Danube Delta. It is one of the best places to see in Romania. 

  • Cluj-Napoca

This place is regarded as the unofficial federal capital of Transylvania. This city is home to the Romanian arts and culture with a reflection of its history. This city plays a very important role in the colonization of Romania.

Cluj-Napoca is more of a Hungarian origin, with most of its population consisting of Hungarian people. Cluj-Napoca has the largest Romanian university. Most of its inhabitants are students because of the main university in the city.

The place you must check out in Cluj-Napoca is the Gothic St. Michael’s Church which has the tallest tower in the country. The National Art Museum is also popular for attracting people around the world. It acknowledges the history of art in Europe. The city also has a palace called Banffy Palace and interestingly this palace is where the National Art Museum is located.

Festivals of Cluj-Napoca are very popular in the whole country. The music events are famous throughout the world with the popular jazzy and hip hop genres.

The modern galleries of Cluj-Napoca are widely known for the artwork they showcase. You can find some very old paintings and crafts in these galleries. If you have a chance to visit this place, don’t miss to take a tour of the art galleries.

Another tourism factor of Cluj-Napoca is the night bars it consists of. The decoration and the delights these bars provide are just awesome. The famous cocktails and beer of these bars are some of the tasty things to try in this city. The popular and refreshing drink is a beer with chili sauce in it. Including in this list is the cuisine of Cluj-Napoca. The food is mouth-watering. Cheese-filled pies, basil pesto, and clujentine eggs are popular in the food of the city.

  • Constanta

This city is located on the coast of the Black Sea. It attracts tourists from all over the world, especially in the summer season. It has the largest Romanian port. The city is considered Romania’s oldest city with amazing beaches, churches, and a huge casino.

This city can be considered an ancient metropolis because of its age. It shows about 2500 years old history. Furthermore, it was found by the Greek colonists and later on conquered by the Romans. It flourished in the 13th century. In the Ottoman Era, its name was shortened to Constanta.

The city has a lot of import, export businesses because of its large port on the Black Sea. Its economy is increased by tourism and trade. It also has the best routes for trading throughout Romania. These good connections give facility to trading to many countries nearby.

The best places in Constanta are

  1. The Aquarium
  2. The Casino
  3. The Ovid Square
  4. The Roman Thermae
  5. The Roman Edifice with Mosaic
  6. The Archeological Park
  7. The Constanta Park

The Casino is the largest in the country. It has a history of over 130 years and is built with the typical classic Roman style. This was made by Prince Ferdinand. It is considered a landmark of Constanta with its pictures on postcards and brochures.

  • Timisoara

Timisoara is situated in the west of Romania. This city has sparked during the 1989 Revolution. It is one of the largest cities in the country with its discovery in the 13th century. In far history, it was included in the Ottoman Empire as well. It also has some bad terms in history, as it was extremely damaged during the Second World War.

Another amazing fact about this city is that it is the first European city to have installed street lamps on the roads. These lamps are still worth mentioning with amazingly built shapes and luminosity. It is one of the best places to see in Romania. 

  • Bucharest

Bucharest is located in the South of Romania. It is one of the dynamic cities in Europe. This is the capital city of Romania and an influential architectural spot for travelers. This urban place is the jazziest point you can get in the entire country. This city is a mixture of both old and new attributes. You can come across old magnificent buildings as well as new skyscraper towers.  

The old section of the city consists of Medieval churches, cobblestone-made streets, and ancient construction. But they are more attractive than the modern side of the country because of the reflection of the Roman Empire. It is a city with a complicated history because different rulers governed this city in different periods. Nicknamed “Paris of the East”, Bucharest is famous for its French-styled art and decorations.

The city has the largest Parliament house in the whole world with a height based on 12 stories and 3100 rooms. People visit to see the attractive building. It was built in 1984. This building is Europe’s greatest monument that belongs to the Communist reign.

During the Revolution of 1989, the buildings of Bucharest got scarred with bullets. The past can still be evident from these damages to precious sites of tourists. The history showcases itself in almost all of the city, probably the old section of Bucharest. 

Other historic places:

  1. Eastern Orthodox Churches
  2. Small chapels
  3. Stavropoleos Church
  4. Residence of George Enescu (a well-known musician)

The food you get in Bucharest is just heavenly. Cabbage with pork or beef, soups, and a huge variety of seafood dishes. The recipes include seafood with pasta and risottos. You can get high-quality seafood by the river or lakeside, fresh and completely juicy!

  • Painted Monasteries

The Painted Monasteries are located in Bucovina. The walls of these monasteries are painted with pictures of saints and popes of the 15th and 16th centuries. The images even include paintings of heaven, hell, angels, and demons which give the real Christian feel to the place. These popular monasteries are Probota, Sucevita, Humor, and many more.

In 1993, UNESCO regarded these monasteries, including a small church, as the World Heritage Sites.

The pictures painted on these monasteries tell a complete story of history. The pictures consist of Romanian Orthodox history as well and masterpieces from the Byzantine period. The different colors of all kinds give such an irresistible view, attracting hundreds of tourists yearly. So, if you are in Romania and don’t want to visit any art gallery, the painted monasteries would be a better option for you.

  • Bran Castle:

This castle is in the Southern Carpathian Mountains (also known as Transylvanian Alps), Central Romania. It is in the city called Brasov. It was built by the king, Louis I, who wanted to expand his region and protect it against the rapid spreading of the Ottoman Empire in the 1300s. this castle was completed in 1388.

This castle is related to the fictional vampire story known as Dracula. Bram Stoker’s novel consisted of the same castle with the name of Dracula Castle. It got immense popularity because of that novel and still, people recognize it in that regard.

Nearby is a village called the Bran Village, which has a museum for showcasing the history of the village and Bran Castle. This village also is very pretty with lush green grasses and small cottages. This castle showcases expensive furniture and the most elegant decorations. Currently, this castle is an open museum for local and foreign tourists. It is one of the best places to see in Romania. 

  • Mamaia

This resort is located on the Black Sea which is the most famous sea resort in the whole country. Mamaia is a small resort along the beautiful sea. It has a length of about 5 miles. It is quite near to the popular city of Constanta.

Mamaia has got the most stunning white sandy beaches in the country. It is a perfect place for people to take a sunbathe or enjoy a picnic with the family. The people of Mamaia also have arranged surfing lessons to make people learn how to surf. The nearby sea is the best place for surfing as well. Most probably, you can go and hit the waves if you are interested in the adventures of surfing.  

 The place also includes a beach known as the Relax Beach of Mamaia. It is a high-rated location in the region with a huge number of people visiting it. The greenery and blue crystal clear water give it the name Relax Beach as it offers peace of mind.

  • Sinaia

An amazing mountain resort that is situated on Mount Sinaia. It came into existence around a monastery, that was present there for quite a long time. This monastery was the first to print the Holy Bible in Romania.

The resort of Sinaia offers hiking and skiing trails to visitors. The sloppy mountains can be full of adventure, all you need to do is get a ticket and rush to Sinaia.

Another major tourists attraction is the Peles Castle. This castle was built by King Charles I during his rule. This castle was thought to be his summer residence. The castle is well-decorated with wood carvings and the architecture of the old Roman Empire. The lavish and most expensive furniture has been placed in this castle.

The town near Mount Sinaia is very pretty. It is decorated around with flowers and small plants, but plucking these can be risky. You can be punished for this act, so don’t dare to touch these flowers and plants. The hotels and guest houses provide accommodation to tourists so that they can enjoy and make their trip unforgettable. It is one of the best places to see in Romania. 

  • Brasov

This city is located in central Romania. It is also a mixture of old and new aspects of the country. It has old buildings and new construction also has been made. This city is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The city also offers skiing and hiking trails up on the mountains in different seasons.

The Black Church is a famous tourist spot; it is a Gothic church. It gets its name Black Church because of the fire incident that turned its stone to black color. Visitors can also visit the narrowest street in the country which is in Brasov. The towers of this church are quite tall which makes them recognizable on the digital map or from a helicopter shot picture. The construction of this Church is with Romanian artifacts and amazing woodwork inside of it.

The amazing streets and lovely landscape make it one of the best places to see in Romania. The green mountains even add extra beauty to the city.

  • Sibiu

This region of Romania was once part of Hungary, but now it’s with the Romanian government. It dates back to the 12th century and is situated in Transylvania. It also has an airport so don’t worry about getting there or your timings!

The Grand Square of Sibiu is a popular destination for visitors across the continent.

The Brukenthal National Museum and the Astra Museum are significant spots for tourists in Sibiu. Astra gets its name from Aristocratic origin. They showcase vibrant colors of Roman history in the inside building. Both of the places are a must-visit because of are the hotspots of the cultural and historical aspects of the country.

Transfagarasan Highway and Corvin Castle are two other popular places in Sibiu. Plus, talking about food you get in Sibiu, is just delightful. The dishes are made of locally produced organic ingredients. Sibiu provides a rich food scene to its visitors.

  • Sighisoara

This city is also located in the historic region of Transylvania. One of the most popular places in Romania due to its old town that has been protected for such a long time. The old town has many houses and shops built in such a way that they make a wall kind of structure. The construction of this wall was for protection against enemies in the 15th century. This fortification is called Sandava.

The Citadel Square, the Clock Tower, and the Sighisoara’s Citadel are famous places of the city and are worth visiting. These places are beautiful contrasts of new and old Romanian cultures and attributes.

This city gets a little crowded in the summers but still, you can enjoy your trip regardless of the people there. It is one of the best places to see in Romania. 

  • Turda Salt Mine

This salt mine in Romania is around 400 feet deep with an underground theme park. It is one of the oldest salt mines in the whole world. Also called Salina Turda. It is quite old with dating back to the 1000s. It is all-natural but has been shaped by the people of Romania.

Moreover, it is located in Turda city, which itself is very beautiful. It is one of the oldest settlements in Romania. It is a well-known tourist destination and has hundreds of them yearly. This region of Romania brings you closer to nature and lets you experience the beauty of nature.

  • The Red Ravine

This place is also popular as Rapa Rosie. It is a natural monument in Alba County of Romania. This is another wonder in Transylvania. The unique shapes of the red hills of this area give it the Red Ravine name. You would come across red-colored mounts all around you. Near the sculptures is a town famous as Sebes. It is greener than you can even imagine with beautiful picture-perfect views all around. 

Location and Geography of Romania in Europe:

Romania is in Central, Southeastern Europe. It has Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova as its neighbors. The Black Sea is located in the Southeast of the country. The location in Central Europe gives this country a temperate climate. Romania consists of mountains, plateaus, plain areas, rivers, and forests. The River Danube flows through some parts of the country. It also has a huge diversity of plants and animals that reside in the different ecosystems of the country.

What is Romania famous for?

With its 14 mountain ranges and various forests, Romania stands out to be a perfect vacation spot. Romania also has 13 amazing national parks that are very attractive to locals and foreign visitors. From beautiful towns to exceptionally build castles, Romania is famous for all these factors.

Most Amazing Roads:

This is kind of strange but this is true. The Romanian roads are probably the best around the world. The roads include bridges, viaducts, and bends, that won’t irritate you during your trip. The roads make your drive so smooth that you would never want the car to stop. It just is more like a magic ride.

Brown Bears:

Yes, we are talking about real bears. Romania is famous for the species of brown bear it has. More than 6000 brown bears reside in Romanian forests and mountains. While in Romania, you can come across a brown bear anywhere in the natural tourist spots.


Romania has left a remarkable name in the world of athletics. Whether it’s gymnastics or footfall, you would find some good Romanian players. Nadia Comaneci (a gymnast) and Gheorghe Hagi (a professional footballer), both are big names in sports.  

The Dracula Fiction:

The famous fiction tale written by Bram Stoker, Dracula, had the location of Transylvania. This place is in Romania. The country and especially Transylvania got popular due to this fictional book.

For having information about the best places to see in Romania, you should give a read to this content. Following are the places in this country that are a must-visit for all tourists:


Lastly, we would like to add that Romania, as a whole, is one of the perfect vacation spots. We have guided you with the tourism aspect of Romania. The best places to see in Romania are listed in this content, now it’s up to you, which places you visit first and which last.