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Blasphemous 2 – All Unfinished Lullaby Locations


Blasphemous 2’s tasks can be somewhat challenging. Sometimes things are clear-cut. For example, a man will tell you about the suffering he endures since his child was turned into wax. There are a lot of lethal opponents and perplexing quests in Blasphemous 2, many of which are activated by discovering quest objects around Cvstodia. I had some problems with the Unfinished Lullabies and the Wax Seeds. The locations of all the unfinished lullabies in Blasphemous 2 will be explained in this article:

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All Unfinished Lullaby Locations

Crown of Towers

Blasphemous 2 - All Unfinished Lullaby Locations

Ascend to the summit of the above-marked point. Press the Veredicto bell, then swiftly move to the left of the upper section. Press the button in the far left corner to descend. To go to the platform with the Unfinished Lullaby, switch to the Sarmiento & Centella and utilize the mirrors.

Crown of Towers

Blasphemous 2 - All Unfinished Lullaby Locations

You may find the second Unfinished Lullaby in the Crown of Towers. At the location indicated on the above map, use the elevator. Take the second elevator to the bottom. Leap through the opening and arrive at the elevated area to retrieve the Unfinished Lullaby.

Sacred Entombments

Blasphemous 2 - All Unfinished Lullaby Locations

Proceed to the above-marked site and ascend to the narrow opening. Pass through and descend to the lower level. A secret room holding the Unfinished Lullaby can be unlocked by striking the wall to the right.

Basilica of Absent Faces

Blasphemous 2 - All Unfinished Lullaby Locations

Proceed to the above-marked destination. To get to the right, use the portal on the left. Step down to proceed to the next section. Leap between the cracks to seize the incomplete lullaby.

The Severed Towers

Blasphemous 2 - All Unfinished Lullaby Locations

When you reach the above-marked spot, climb the angel rings and run through the chain. Leap out from behind the fences and run through the other chain. Take the Unfinished Lullaby by sliding under the wall.

What are the Unfinished Lullaby Rewards?

Return to the Mother and Child with all five Unfinished Lullabies, and the Unfinished Lullabies transform into the White Shore Lullaby. You must finish the platforming challenge in the dream that she will send you into when you give her the Lullaby of the White Shore. After finishing this task, you can use your Thorned Hairs Prayer Chant to access the Tiento.


What to do with sealed envelope Blasphemous 2?

To get your first riddle, look at the Sealed Envelope in your key items menu. Every letter you find during this mission will contain a message that will point you in the direction of a location you must visit, sometimes along with an action you must take.

How do you unlock the ending of a Blasphemous 2?

Enter the space and take a position in front of the brazier in the middle. Engage it to set ablaze the four Altarpieces of Favor that you have devoted so much effort to obtaining for the Incense of the Envoys Key Item. Now that you have this, you can proceed to the last part of this conclusion!

Is Yerma dead in Blasphemous 2?

You can still reach the boss battle with Svsona even if you refuse Yerma’s request and decide not to give her the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointing. Yerma helped you along the way, but you won’t help her, thus after you vanquish it, you will regrettably find her dead.

What is the ending C in blasphemous 2?

As a part of the 2021 Wounds of Eventide DLC, Ending C made its debut. The focus of the game is Esdras and Perpetva, and access to it is restricted to discovering Perpetva’s tomb prior to facing Esdras at the Bridge of Three Calvaries.

Who is the villain in Blasphemous?

Escribar making an effort to impede the Penitent One’s journey to the High Wills. The primary foe and last boss of the 2019 independent game Blasphemous is Escribar.