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Bloxburg Hard Mode Guide: Adopting a New Baby


adopting a new baby in bloxburg hard mode

In the survival-focused Bloxburg Hard mode, adopting a child can add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to your gameplay. This guide will walk you through the process of adopting a child where you can set up a daycare center, and manage parenting responsibilities in Bloxburg.

Step 1: Decide to adopt a child.

Before you start parenting, make the conscious decision to adopt a child in Bloxburg. This decision will bring a new set of challenges and opportunities that will require you to pay careful attention to the child’s needs.

Step 2: Set up a nursery.

Once you’ve decided to adopt, set up a daycare center for your new family member. Buy essentials such as cribs, changing tables and toys. Think about the layout of your home and create a dedicated space for your baby’s needs.

Step 3: Adopt the child.

To officially adopt a child, use Family Properties in Bloxburg. Invite the baby into your family tree, marking the beginning of your parenting journey. A child is born and becomes part of your home.

Step 4: Meet the child’s needs.

Caring for a baby includes meeting its basic needs such as hunger, energy and hygiene. Make sure you have baby food, a crib and a changing table. Pay attention to signs of a child’s mood to avoid problems that may lead to child protective services taking your child away.

Step 5: Host a family celebration.

Celebrate the arrival of your new family member by hosting a family party. Use family features and choose a ceremony to mark the official addition of a baby to your family tree. This not only adds an entertaining touch to the game but also strengthens the family bond.

Step 6: Reconciliation of work and parenthood

Juggling work responsibilities alongside parenthood can be difficult. So, you would need to take care of your child to work with you so that their needs are not neglected. Plan your in-game schedule to balance work shifts with dedicated parental leave.

Step 7: Prepare for development.

As your baby grows, plan to transition from newborn to toddler. Buy extras such as a potty chair, high chair, and toys appropriate for a growing baby. Assess the need for a birthday party as your child grows up.

Step 8: Future milestones

Look forward to future milestones as your child grows into a toddler and beyond. Engage in gameplay by organizing birthday parties, teaching your child new skills, and exploring the unique challenges and joys that come with being a parent in Bloxburg Hard Mode.


Adopting a child in Bloxburg Hard Mode opens up a whole new dimension of gameplay and offers many new challenges and opportunities. Follow this guide to successfully adopt a child, establish a caring environment, and master the intricacies of parenting in the virtual world of Bloxburg. Enjoy the journey and watch your family grow and thrive in the unique challenges Hard Mode presents.