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Here is How to Unlock and Get all 177 Markers and Secret Markers in Roblox


In this article we will tell you how to get all new roblox markers we will also tell you how you can get rarest markers in the game. We will tell you how you can get 170 markers all easy medium hard and insane. Also how you can have technical, zen, noob and mostly all the extreme markers.

Here is how you can find all the brand new markers in the roblox markers.

To get the technical marker You have to go on the loading screen and look down then u will see markers.

The glitch marker is in the secret place hidden in the mountain.

You can find the smoke marker  on the roof of the factory where there is smoke and a small obby.

The deleted marker you would need to go to the gallery there you will see a white thing thats the deleted marker.

You will find Plasma Marker under The Stairs of the Spaceship in space.

To get winning smile marker u need the winning smile face.

The bone marker is in the hills obby in some bones that you can find easily.

You can get cactus marker easily as it is behind one of the cactus.

The poka dot marker is in sand area.

The runner marker can be found in the end of diffilculty marker obby.

In order to find fire marker go into the hause and go in the fire and you will find it on top of the fire.

Similarly the battery marker is behind a fridge is in a house.

To Get the dummy marker go to the cave and go to the dummy and you can get it from there.

Sand storm marker can be found on top of the highest area and you would need to make a big jump to get into the trestle and then you can find sand storm marker from there.

Flan marker is the type of fancy dessert and it can be found in the candyland jump into the door you will get in there and you can find your flan marker.

To get space marker you would need to go up in the space and you can find space marker.

Blue marker is hidden on a small cliff and behind the tree.

Runner marker can be found near the rarest marker you will have to just walk 1000 studs and you will get runner marker.

Go to the cave and spell the word difficulty and you will enter to the lanky box finale.

Jump around and make sure you are carfull while jumping as you can fall again over again once you have entered to terrifying once you get to the final spot Markerous.

How to Find Difficulty chart marker

Box marker Hard

To get this go to the cave and get the hammer and then go to the farm house and break 5 boxes that you will see there.

Mad boss marker

To get this you would need to defeat the boss marker first and then you can get mad boss marker as it has a lot of health and damage.

Jumpscare Marker

level of difficulty to get this is medium, go to the sewer and fall to the hole and find jumpscare marker from there.