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All Secret Places and Items Locations in Brookhaven Roblox


Question: In brookhaven where is the safe in the car house

Answer: Safe is hidden behind shower wall of the master bedroom

Question: In brookhaven where is the safe in the yellow house

Answer:  There is no yellow safe in the new house.

Question: In brookhaven where is the criminal base

Answer:  To go to a criminal base go to a secret door near Starbrooks.  Go to you the secret room and go down and do not enter.

Question: Where is the spy place in Brookhaven?

Answer: There are areas inside of brookhaven cemetery. So head over and there will be a small area if you go and align up with this one you can spy from here.

Question: In brookhaven where is the gym

Answer: It is located across the street, grocery store and next to a gas station. To find the gym you have to look towards the building and then spawn around Arcade, Club Brooks, and the Grocery.

Question: In brookhaven where are the easter eggs

Answer:  First egg you will find behind the white ladder near the swimming pool. Second egg is behind the blue bench, Third egg is on the brown square which is also behing the blue bench.

Question: In brookhaven roblox where is the airport

Answer: In Brookhaven Airport can be found next to the motel.

Question: Where’s the cemetery in brookhaven roblox

Answer: Cemetery is next to the Hospital in brookhaven

Question: Where’s the church in brookhaven roblox

Answer: Church is behind this like coffee shop

Question: Where is the bank in brookhaven

Located near the spawn and it consists of 2 floors

So these were the some interesting secrets and their answers about brookhaven hopefully you liked it.