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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 News: Upcoming Multiplayer Update for Weapons and Gears


Treyarch has revealed interesting Call of Duty Black Ops 4  about the game’s most awaited update yet. It will be available to download on February 19, 2019. This update will contain rotation for many weapons and equipment’s. The new update will also bring fixes and improvements to scorestreaks and specialists.

Following addition are coming with the new update:


Assault Rifles

Rampart 17

  • Maximum damage range has been increased from 37.6 yards to 41.6 yards.


  • Maximum damage range has been increased from 15.2 yards to 17.3 yards.


  • 5 hits kill range is increased from 34.7 yards to 50 yards
  • Aiming down the sight has been improved.

Maddox RFB

  • Recoil stability is reduced for first 5 shots.
  • Recoil stability has been improved for Echo fire Operator Mod of the gun.
  • Aim down the sight will take less time with Quickdraw I and II attachments.
  • Movement speed while ADS has been reduced for “Stock” attachment.
  • Recoil stability has been partially reduced for ELO sight
  • Maximum damage range has been Call of Duty Black Ops 4 from 23.6 yards to 20.8 yards but this applies to consoles only.

Submachine Guns


  • 5 hits kill range has been increased from 5.5 yards to 7.6 yards.
  • Movement speed of character is increased while in ADS mode with this gun.


  • 5 hits kill range has been increased from 2.7 yards to 5.5 yards.


  • Maximum damage range is decreased to 7.6 yards.
  • Movement speed with “Stock” attachment has been decreased in ADS mode.
  • Extended Magazine size has been reduced.
  • Reload speed has been reduced for “Fast Reload” attachment.


  • Overheat cooldown Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been reduced for Belt-Fed Operator Mod
  • Recoil stability is reduced for ‘Grip” attachment.

Saug 9mm

  • Sprint out speed has been reduced, making it equal for all SMG’s
  • Base movement speed is also reduced.
  • Movement speed has been reduced while Aiming Down the Sight for both Stock I and Stock II attachments.
  • Recoil stability has been reduced for “grip” attachment.
  • For consoles, hip fire accuracy has been reduced in Dual Wield Operator Mod
  • For consoles, Maximum damage range has been decreased from 11.1 yards to 8.3 yards while using the Dual Wield Operator Mod.
  • Maximum damage range has been increased from 6.6 yards to 9.7 yards.

Tactical Rifles

Auger DMR

  • Specialists speed has been increased while Aiming Down the Sight with this gun.
  • Firing rate has been increased.
  • Fire rate has been greatly improved for Double Tap Operator Mod.

ABR 223

  • ADS movement speed has been increased.
  • ADS sprint speed has been increased.


  • ADS movement speed has been greatly increased.
  • Quickdraw movement speed is also increased especially for Quickdraw II.

Light Machine Guns


  • Flinch resistance is decreased when hit.
  • Maximum damage has been reduced from 46 to 38.
  • ADS movement speed has been reduced with “Stock” attachment.

Sniper Rifles


  • For consoles only, firing rate has been improved greatly.


  • Aiming Down the Sigh has been improved for Koshka.
  • For consoles only, ADS movement speed has been increased for Quickdraw II


  • RK 7 Garrison
    • Damage range has been increased.


  • Shotguns
    • MOG 12
      • Dragon’s Breath Operator Mod will deliver heavy damage instantly now.
      • Maximum damage range has been improved to 4.1 yards.


  • Prophet
    • Seeker
      • Seeker’s hitpoints has been decreased. Players will be able to destroy it with a single shot.
    • Ajax
      • 9-Bang
        • Reduced visual capacity of screen flash when hit by 9-Bang.
        • You will be able to change stances during flash stun.

General Improvements:

Specialists will lose their Call of Duty Black Ops 4  cooldown during round shift. Yes! We can understand, that is a big downfall.

  • Equipment
    • Frag Grenade
      • Damage has been increased.
    • Concussion Grenade
      • You will be vulnerable to your own stun grenade just like previous games of the series.
      • Players using “Tactical Mask” will feel less effect of the grenade
    • Gear
      • Acoustic Sensor
        • Acoustic Sensor range has been highly reduced.
        • Enemies using Dead Silence will be extremely hard to hear now.
      • Perks
        • Tactical Mask
          • You will recover quicker from Tempest hit.
          • Tactical Mask won’t provide you resistance to fire or radiation anymore.
        • Flak Jacket
          • Flat Jacket will provide resistance to fire and radiation damage.
        • Cold Blooded
          • Seeker won’t be able to detect you unless you get very close to it.
        • Score streaks
          • Lightning Strike
            • Jets will strike more swiftly with improved target algorithm.
  • Sentry
    • Damage has been increased.
    • Sentry will move to next target much quicker.
    • Sentry detection range has been increased along 360 degrees.
  • Drone Squad
    • Damage has been increased
  • Sniper’s Nest
    • You will need to fire 1 more rocket on the Sniper’s Nest now.
  • Mantis
    • Damage radius has been greatly increased. Beware of the Mantis now.
  • Thresher
    • Explosive damage has been increased with improved target algorithm.
  • Strike Team
    • Strike Team health will restore quicker now. Best not to come in their way.

There are also some other minor fixes that will be added in the update. If you want to discuss any particular issue, feel free to leave a comment below.

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