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Resident Evil 2 Remake News: Fanmade mod makes the game more terrifying


Resident Evil 2 remake is a fine example of remastering. Many a game lose their fan base after remake and the biggest example in this regard is Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The original game was proven to be a blockbuster which set the tune for the world-famous Call of Duty gaming series. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare Remastered was not appreciated as well. Many websites even rated it as the “flop” of the series. But when it comes to Resident Evil 2 Remake, developers have certainly fulfilled their promise of delivering an enticing game which leaves you petrified. Check out our review for the game.

However good a game is made, there is always room for improvement and fans demand just increase with time. Players were wishing of a real randomizer in the game Resident Evil 2 Remake. How about a First-Person Shooting mode? Interesting right! It is not an official release so camera won’t be fixed like an actual FPS game still the mod seems quite amazing and takes to on a whole new journey.

Modder Praydog who developed the mod still has a long journey to complete but we must admit that they have done a fine job so far. The mod is still under developing and we are hoping for a perfect fps gameplay very soon. Those players who have not tried Resident Evil 2 Remake, this mod will certainly attract them.

Remaking of Resident Evil 2 was a great idea by Capcom and that is shown by its steam 10/10 rating. Even the users on google liked at a staggering rate of 98%. If you have not played the game yet, we strongly suggest that you go for it. It will give you nightmares for sure.

The story behind the original pitch

Maker Yoshiaki Hirabayashi: “We’ve spoken about this a ton since the game was reported, yet we’ve generally had numerous fans disclosing to us they need us to revamp Resident Evil 2 Remake. We thought of it as a few times throughout the long term, however it’s an intense suggestion to make an extraordinary redo out of this exemplary game, and we never got it going.

At long last, after certain years, the circumstance was correct and we discussed redoing RE2 once more, and this time we had the option to stretch the Resident Evil 2 Remastered to continue with improvement. A few fans may recall that when we did this, we did our “We Do It” declaration via online media in August 2015, in light of the fact that we were so eager to have the option to affirm the game was in progress. To the group, which was still generally little in those days, this felt like the genuine beginning of the difficult work!”

The moment when the team realized the new design would work

Chief Kazunori Kadoi: For me, I think it was the point at which we initially got the visuals and ongoing interaction elements of the zombies all working couple and had the option to playtest shooting them, taking off appendages with very much positioned shots, etc. It felt incredible and it didn’t get Resident Evil 2 Remake regardless of the amount you did it, and that caused me to feel like this game truly had something exceptional.

The team’s biggest challenge

Chief Kazunori Kadoi: Well, since it’s a revamp and the first is a game which as of now has many, numerous fans all throughout the planet, the greatest test was truly in not selling out the assumptions for those fans while likewise keeping the redo new. Adjusting these viewpoints was an intense shuffling act during improvement and required numerous extreme choices.

Art Director Satoshi Takamatsu on redesigning RE2’s iconic characters


It was imperative to hold the look Resident Evil 2 Remake had in the first, underlining the way that, as this is his first appearance in the arrangement sequentially, he’s especially a “amateur” youngster. I additionally needed to carry a more reasonable touch to his cop’s outfit and embellishments — no more shoulder braces! We really worked with a military stuff maker to this end.


Likewise with Leon, I felt that we needed to bring an equilibrium of regarding her unique plan while bringing the authenticity that is anticipated from a Resident Evil 2 Remastered edge title. Claire likes motorbikes and is dynamic, so I needed to overhaul her such that mirrored her character and showed that she is an appealing, resilient individual. She has her notable red biker coat which obviously needed to remain, however we had the plan on the back revamped without any preparation by our other craftsmanship chief, a British person called Resident Evil 2 Remake.


Ada’s a character who implies a great deal to both the fans and the improvement group, and she was truly difficult to plan for this redo. We had such countless cycles of her outfit, and it took more than a half year of tryouts before we chose her face model. After all that work, I was happy to see that the fans appeared to like her new look! Getting positive input puts forth the attempt great.


I moved toward the overhaul of Sherry by imagining that she ought not simply be a stock. Young lady” character, yet have some profundity to her and make. A character that you could get connected to, and who you need to ensure. For Sherry, Claire and Ada, the workmanship chief from Resident Evil 2 Remake, Tomonori Takano, joined the group and aided us.


In the first Resident Evil 2 Remake, the Tyrant is dropped in from a helicopter. Yet in the new game we moved toward his plan dependent on his unique idea: an infiltrator. Who will tenaciously seek after his objective until he can annihilate them. This is the reason he shrouds his face with a cap, in spite of the fact. I surmise he hasn’t been absolutely effective in doing as such. It’s been extraordinary to perceive how frightening players discovered him and the amount they love him as a character.

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